What's wrong with waiting until my truck's wet before I wash it?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 10, 2018

Not a dang thing!

      I've been meaning to do it for a week even though I only do it twice a year.

Well, it rained lightly this morning and I thought since the "dirt lift" had begun and mud was already being manufactured, I'd get it done. It was still cool out a 7am.


I put other things off too.

      Like vaccuming.  :-)

      Like my bar b que cart. I would have built it in two days if I was getting paid but, I'm in no hurry because  I want the thing to be well thought out and a piece of art. Figuring out all the details of how it's going to work takes thought.


(I didn't put off quitting smoking.) 


What are you putting off?