Is It The Routine Or The Reward?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 8, 2018

      Hoggie's treats are on a shelf parallel with and, 18 inches above the bed.

He will come close, throw himself into my arms, and then, get up, walk to directly below where his treats are and sit in an upright position waiting for my response.


He gets dopamine from those "treats."



So what if I took the nicotine off the shelf?

His routine would change, right?


think about this

(How can you subconsciously not think about not being able to get your fix while you are still physically addicted?)


      This is why I believe getting off the nicotine is the first and easier of the addictions to relinquish. (each has to reach this conclusion or remain addicted.)

      The routine (psychological addiction) works itself out on it's own with varying  times for each individual.