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Except Alan Carr?

Har Har,

Har Har.



learning Acceptance may be hard

but, Time is what will take you far.

Of course you're going to think of smoking for awhile.

The ritual resides in our memory tides.

Making new memories starts the change,

Releasing those that block your way.

      I gave it to him the first day (two different syringes)  I was holding him down. while I tried to hurriedly inject it into his cheek. He spit most of it out and was foaming at the mouth.

      I gave up for a couple of days.

      I was frustrated and cursing the fact there might have been a one time injectable that would have saved me from this task twice a day for two weeks.


      Yesterday I tried sitting on my legs with him in between but he just worked his way out the back.


      What I didn't count on was our trust in each other.


      This morning (after I cussed at him for not taking his medicine) I had the two syringes ready) I picked him up in my arms like you would normally carry a cat while you're walking across room and he was facing my chest and with the hand of the arm I was supporting him with, I grabbed the scruff of his neck gently and was able to inject both of them with my other hand without a fight or being clawed to shreds. (I was only wearing a T-Shirt and I don't cut his claws because he goes outside every morning.)


Third option worked. First two didn't.

This is what you have to do when you quit smoking, find the right option. 

      I've been working an hour or two here and there for the past couple weeks and finally worked out the kinks. (like the shelf support in the back)

      I'm going for a semi-industrial look.


      Here's the cart, ready for paint and metal- The two pieces of wood under the top in the back swivel out to support a fold down shelf. (see last cart picture)

The side/end next to the propane tank sitting on the ground behind the unit will be covered in aluminum with 1 1/2" aluminum corner trim.

When stored, the grill sits on the middle pull out shelf-The hole in the bottom shelf is for a regular bbq propane tank


When In Use The Grill Sits On Top. The top and the edge around the top will be aluminum as well as the edge of the pull out shelf.

The Casters were 4" and made the whole unit too tall so I built up under the caster cross arms to lower the whole cabinet 2 1/4  inches.

      This is an infared grill so it will get to 650 degrees like a steakhouse and there are no flareups because the flame is never exposed to any drippings and, the whole grill plate heats evenly.

The hinged drop down shelf behind the grill for condiments, buns, salads, etc.  It's going to be BRIGHT RED


Carp's-Que Coming Soon

      Thing's don't always go the way we think or turn out as we expected.

This is why we must be adaptable.

You must often look beyond what you expected to see the end goal.


      I did a huge remodel in Brentwood. As I recall, we added 2600 feet and a three car garage.  (This was the job I severed my foot on.)


      There was one location in the middle of the house the weight of all the roofs converged. This weight was to be distributed by a post line from the roof to a new concrete pad 18 inches deep, and 3 feet square below the floor.


      When we got to forming this pad, we discovered the ground was not solid. We contacted the engineer and he said we had to go down until we hit solid ground.


      The area beneath the proposed pad grew to 4 feet square and 10 feet deep. We had two guys at the bottom with camp shovels digging and filling 5 gallon buckets and workers up top raising the buckets on ropes. As the hole grew deeper, safety rules required we shore the earthen walls with plywood and bracing.


      After we reached solid ground, (10 feet below grade,) a huge custom rebar cage had to be fabricated and the hole required an entire concrete truck to fill.


      You may not run into such a massive problem when you quit


Emotions are going to be your biggest unknown.


Be Aware. Be Prepared!

You Are Unlearning Smoking, Say I.

Unlearning smoking IS THE ONLY WAY to separate yourself from it forever.

Changing your routine. Changing your setting as a reminder.

Drinking your coffee with your other hand if coffee is a trigger.

Going for a walk after a meal instead of going out to smoke.


Time (away) Is The Healer!

Not a dang thing!

      I've been meaning to do it for a week even though I only do it twice a year.

Well, it rained lightly this morning and I thought since the "dirt lift" had begun and mud was already being manufactured, I'd get it done. It was still cool out a 7am.


I put other things off too.

      Like vaccuming.  :-)

      Like my bar b que cart. I would have built it in two days if I was getting paid but, I'm in no hurry because  I want the thing to be well thought out and a piece of art. Figuring out all the details of how it's going to work takes thought.


(I didn't put off quitting smoking.) 


What are you putting off?

      Hoggie's treats are on a shelf parallel with and, 18 inches above the bed.

He will come close, throw himself into my arms, and then, get up, walk to directly below where his treats are and sit in an upright position waiting for my response.


He gets dopamine from those "treats."



So what if I took the nicotine off the shelf?

His routine would change, right?


think about this

(How can you subconsciously not think about not being able to get your fix while you are still physically addicted?)


      This is why I believe getting off the nicotine is the first and easier of the addictions to relinquish. (each has to reach this conclusion or remain addicted.)

      The routine (psychological addiction) works itself out on it's own with varying  times for each individual.

Pucker Up, Buttercup!

Giulia's research suggests rinsing after to save your tooth enamel. 

How Air Pollution Causes Diabetes - The Atlantic 


This is quite a study.

      Evidently, pollution particles lodge in our lungs and create insulin resistance.


      The air is fairly clean in the United States but air pollution is a bigger problem in other countries.

"to deprive of or give less than something due: cheat"


So many people think they are being cheated when they stop smoking.

To believe one is being cheated by choosing to not smoke is addict thinking...illogical...irrational

Do you not comprehend that you can smoke anytime?

It's not giving up anything.

It's gaining everything, and, you can still smoke anytime you want because we always have the choice.




Now as to using shortchanged in a sentence

Hoggie approached this morning with a tail in his mouth. Just a tail.

"Hoggie was shortchanged."

Forget What's Alongside You Or Behind You


      The last group I was on the road with headlined at the Plaza Hotel in New York City for a month.

       I was driving a rental van full of equipment and one other person from our group from whatever city we had played last.


      Now, I had never driven in New York City before and I was driving an overloaded unfamiliar vehicle. Cars were coming from every direction at once.

It was FAST AND FURIOUS 1.0 for me.


There may be times your quit that will be fast and furious 1.0

How do you get through?

Your answer is the title of this post. 


Remember, all you're doing is unlearning smoking.

All it takes is time. Time to grow comfortable without it.

Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20

but Canada does?

Life Ain't Fair

But I'm Not

Smoking Over It.

May I Share Something With You?

I couldn't shake it!

Honestly, I tried.

I really didn't want to let you all down.

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