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Your Quit, My B-B-Que Cart

Sometimes you have to tinker with your plan.

I bought a little infared BBQ but didn't want to have to bend over or crouch down to use it so, I had an idea to build a rolling cart to set it on.

Here is my first simple drawing.

The piece on the bottom back is to shear the cart and prevent

racking side to side when I roll it outside. The piece on the left side is

simply a continuation of the design line.

I bought 4" casters because they roll smoother than smaller ones.

My problem was, 4 inches made it very high.

My solution (below) was to mount the casters to a board with a 1 1/2" spacer which dropped the top height of the cart by 2 1/4 inches:

That created a new problem. The casters have a 6 inch turning radius with the brakes which meant they would stick way out front and back of the cart.

I removed the brakes from the front par of casters and that gained 2 inches.

I just rolled it outside and here's where I'm at:

(This picture is the back side for reference)

The piece of plywood sitting vertical on the bottom is now going to be a drop down/fold up shelf painted bright red with the edges wrapped in aluminum.

I bought some pine to do the bottom back and

the lower left side wrap shown in the first drawing.

The horizontal blocks halfway up each side are for mounting the sliding shelf tracks. The bar-b-que unit will be stored on the pull out shelf. There will be a regular size propane tank below the shelf along with storage for smaller tanks.


The right side and the top will be wrapped with aluminum.

I'm going for a finished and unfinished industrial look. 


I'd ask you to wish me luck but I know I can do this.

(after all, the "carp" in my username stands for carpenter)

I am spending a lot more than I figured as I add to the function and design

but, I needed to make something with my hands.


The Lesson

Make your quit plan but be adaptable