How To Get Through The "Catmouth" Crave

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 28, 2018

      I took Hoggie out this morning.

I'd been to the lumber yard to pick up one piece of wood and 16 bolts for the casters for the BBQ cart I'm still building, and, then to one other store, so, my bad foot was already sore and I sat down under the persimmon tree.


      It was an hour earlier than I normally take him out and there were lizards just out and sunning themselves. Hoggie spied motion on the base of the loquat tree and off he went.


The first one got away

                                          but not the second


So you know how cats do, right?

They like to play with their prey.


      Hoggie had it in his mouth as he sauntered my direction with a lizard grin. It already looked dead to me.


(Now, imagine you're at your wits end with your quit and you are that lizard)


      So, he just sat there with a lizard in his mouth and then he set it (you) down.

You don't move. He picks you up again in his mouth and takes you 7 feet away into a shady spot on the lawn and sets you down.



He's got you again.

      He sets you down on the lawn again and WHAM

A water bottle slams into the ground beside Hoggie. He runs, you're safe.

(It was me saving the lizard)


      I pick you up, you don't move. I set you on a flat tree limb where Hoggie can't reach you.


                           You jump down and run under the fence.


Sometimes you just have to still yourself

Still yourself and not panic

And the crave is over