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Your Quit, My B-B-Que Cart

Sometimes you have to tinker with your plan.

I bought a little infared BBQ but didn't want to have to bend over or crouch down to use it so, I had an idea to build a rolling cart to set it on.

Here is my first simple drawing.

The piece on the bottom back is to shear the cart and prevent

racking side to side when I roll it outside. The piece on the left side is

simply a continuation of the design line.

I bought 4" casters because they roll smoother than smaller ones.

My problem was, 4 inches made it very high.

My solution (below) was to mount the casters to a board with a 1 1/2" spacer which dropped the top height of the cart by 2 1/4 inches:

That created a new problem. The casters have a 6 inch turning radius with the brakes which meant they would stick way out front and back of the cart.

I removed the brakes from the front par of casters and that gained 2 inches.

I just rolled it outside and here's where I'm at:

(This picture is the back side for reference)

The piece of plywood sitting vertical on the bottom is now going to be a drop down/fold up shelf painted bright red with the edges wrapped in aluminum.

I bought some pine to do the bottom back and

the lower left side wrap shown in the first drawing.

The horizontal blocks halfway up each side are for mounting the sliding shelf tracks. The bar-b-que unit will be stored on the pull out shelf. There will be a regular size propane tank below the shelf along with storage for smaller tanks.


The right side and the top will be wrapped with aluminum.

I'm going for a finished and unfinished industrial look. 


I'd ask you to wish me luck but I know I can do this.

(after all, the "carp" in my username stands for carpenter)

I am spending a lot more than I figured as I add to the function and design

but, I needed to make something with my hands.


The Lesson

Make your quit plan but be adaptable

Will You Look For The Dark? Or, Focus On The Light?

We Are Here To Light Your Way


Have A Question? Fire Away

In The Darkness?

Make Your Way,

Focus On That Golden Ray


Freedom, Is

What You Will Gain.



My dumb phone took the picture

You don't need a cigarette

You just think you do

that's what the ritual 

did to you.


Nicotine keeps you coming back

Let that go and change your tack


Unthink it

don't buy in

don't give in

keep tryin'

      I took Hoggie out this morning.

I'd been to the lumber yard to pick up one piece of wood and 16 bolts for the casters for the BBQ cart I'm still building, and, then to one other store, so, my bad foot was already sore and I sat down under the persimmon tree.


      It was an hour earlier than I normally take him out and there were lizards just out and sunning themselves. Hoggie spied motion on the base of the loquat tree and off he went.


The first one got away

                                          but not the second


So you know how cats do, right?

They like to play with their prey.


      Hoggie had it in his mouth as he sauntered my direction with a lizard grin. It already looked dead to me.


(Now, imagine you're at your wits end with your quit and you are that lizard)


      So, he just sat there with a lizard in his mouth and then he set it (you) down.

You don't move. He picks you up again in his mouth and takes you 7 feet away into a shady spot on the lawn and sets you down.



He's got you again.

      He sets you down on the lawn again and WHAM

A water bottle slams into the ground beside Hoggie. He runs, you're safe.

(It was me saving the lizard)


      I pick you up, you don't move. I set you on a flat tree limb where Hoggie can't reach you.


                           You jump down and run under the fence.


Sometimes you just have to still yourself

Still yourself and not panic

And the crave is over

The tests we experience during our quit make us stronger...

the longer we go, the more tests, we experience,

it becomes candy.

Candy in the form of self esteem and a better life.


I made cinnamon toast again this morning.

I don't know why, but, preserves, and jam, just aren't "doing it" for me.

When I was young, I put the butter on the toast, covered it with the cinnamon sugar, then, dumped off the excess.

I still do but now, I take an extra step and put it under the broil setting in my toaster oven for 5 minutes.

It turns to a crunchy layer of cinnamon candy by taking that extra time.


Allow the time it takes

Realize the tests make you stronger.

Go the extra mile



A Landmark Study on the Origins of Alcoholism - The Atlantic 


I love breakthroughs.

They've been "studying wrong" all these years

Very interesting.

Start learning to step outside emotional situations for just an instant and calculate where it could lead before you go


then regret you smoked.

We're here to show you other ways of thinking

To teach you the things we've learned the we wished we knew

When we started our quits.

Things that will lighten your load

And keep you on the smoke free road.


Common sense and Logic count for a lot

There are reasons things work the way they do


Here's an example:

If you're nailing near the end of a piece of wood and trying not to split it, you clip the pointed tip off the nail so it shears the fibers as it penetrates instead of splitting them.


Think Things Through

Your Outcome

Is Up To You

      I didn't plan to quit in any normal sense.  I didn't want to quit.

Someone asked me to quit to influence their brother. I felt like I was being cornered and was hesitant but still, I agreed to at least consider quitting.



      I started telling myself to wait a little longer when  wanted to smoke and in 4 weeks went from a pack a day to 5 a day without once ever denying myself a smoke. I had proven I didn't need to smoke just because I normally would have.


         I used 11 patches in my first two weeks and played guitar at my friends house 10 hours a day for dopamine. When I forgot the patch two days in a row, I realized I didn't need them. I put one in my wallet with a promise that I would put it on rather than smoke.




It was a quick single thread site, and, IT WAS FAST.


      I asked questions of the long term quitters and learned all I could.

I had my three hardest days in the 50's. People were dropping away from the site like flies in the first 4 months. It was contagious.

      The more I watched, the more curious I became. I began doing research. I began to worry when I heard about the nicotine receptors. I wondered, "How is it going to be possible to forever quit smoking if those nicotine receptors were always clamoring for nicotine?" 

      Through my research, I found those receptors are replaced with one's that have never known nicotine and thus had not become addicted to nicotine and that this happens within a year.  Near the end of my first hundred days, I found a medical study that said if you quit for 16 weeks, there was a greater chance you would succeed.

      I had my breakthrough at 128 days when I was driving up the hill to a job I had done when I was a smoker. I reached for a ghost pack on my truck seat. It actually made me laugh and I knew at that moment, I WOULD NEVER SMOKE A CIGARETTE AGAIN.

Get Through The First 4 Months And You'll Have A Better Chance Of Success

And, Hopefully Be More Willing To Accept Life As A Non Smoker When

You Are Not Thinking Of It Constantly.

   The Only Way Out Is Through



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 12, 2018

      I admit, the last time I really sat down and played guitar and sang full voice for 40 minutes has been a couple years.

      Singing and playing when you are focused, take a ton of energy. By focused,I mean everything flowing perfectly.

      The words rolling off the tongue, the guitar subtly supporting the other space.

I used to do five 45 minute sets a night when I was on the road.

I was in my teens and twenties then.

      So two days ago, I picked up my acoustic electric bass and took it outside when I took Hoggie out for his morning adventure. (eating grass and throwing up) and I was sitting in my chair playing it and the thought that came to me was

"Gee my arm is tired! Gee this neck is long."

      It's kind of like when you're young in your quit and you hit the wall and are ready to give up.

      I've lost my touch of picking up a bass on the spur of the moment to play with other musicians and all the excitement and dopamine that brings.

       How can I get it back?  I know what I had. I know what I want. I want to play bass the way I want to anytime I want.


      Have you thought about how much you want to be a non smoker?

You have to look ahead, past the drug, past the thinking of smoking and back to what life was, before you needed to smoke.


      I know that's hard to remember that far back to when smoking took over. Most of us started in our teens.


      I know I can get my "bass back" if I'm willing to invest the time and energy to strengthen my arm so it can stay in playing position for a length of time.

I believe it's possible.


Do you believe your quit is in your hands?

It is, you know.



Onward and Upward.

Quitting Smoking Will Tell You Because

This Is About Letting Go And Changing, Not Fighting.

You Will Find Out So Much About Yourself

If You'll Let It Go And See It Through.

Get Ready To Rumble!

We can help you learn your way around

and away from being a smoker,

but, you have to be willing to change.

Changing your thinking, and, changing your routine,

Will Change your outcome.


PS most of us were huggers but we learned to change.

You can go from this...

To This!

To This!

Congratulations to all on the journey!

You Can Unchoose It

This Is Not About Willpower Or Determination.

It's Simply Making A Choice Then, Accepting It.

Making A Choice To Not Smoke Each Time

Just Because You Thought Of Smoking.

Not Letting Situations Throw You Off Your Game.

You Do This For Awhile, You Give It The Time It Takes,

You Will Distance Yourself From The Memories Connected To Smoking

And You're Free!

You Give Up Nothing

You Let It Go.

Nothing Can Make You Smoke But You.

      Ellen just texted me. She's at the Dr. with Mike for a scheduled visit and couldn't post.

      Missy is on her way to the hospital in excruciating pain. Thinks it may be a kidney stone.

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

      My stepmom gave me the project of rebuilding a legless broken ended redwood bench that she would like to be freestanding against a wall and outside a gate. 

      The bench is only 11 inches wide. This is many inches less deep than most chairs (not much to sit on) and if I build the legs straight down, it would likely tip over if someone sat on it. Plus, if it was right against the wall only part of your legs and bottom would be supported meaning you would be trying not to slide off the bench.

      So, what to do? I don't want to make the bench itself any wider and, I want it to be sturdy and not tip over. (now, the pictures)


Here's what I came up with.

I put the kicker in the back and will put this brace in the middle so you don't see that knot hole from the ends.

It's much easier to solve a problem if you think it through rather than

just go at it willy nilly.

As a carpenter, I had to have the ability to visualize the finished product

before I bought materials or started cutting.


This is why we tell you to learn what you are up against and make a plan

that addresses the problems you will face ahead of time.


Make Your Plan, Then,

Make Your Quit Work


(Yes, it needs a lot of work and to be finished. Finished pictures when I get it put together)

It's EXtremely salid to sit on.

And, what you see from the fron

From The Front

And From The Back. This Side Will Sit Against The Wall.

Just Keep Telling Yourself You'll Always Be A Smoker.


You Could Realize Smoking Was And Is A Choice And

Not A Life Sentence.

I believe the "you'll always be an addict" way of thinking is a self fulfilling prophecy that can actually become an excuse for afterwards.

I won't live in that trap myself.

DooDah DooDah

All her staples went away 

Oh Doo Dah Day

Swimming in two weeks

Still feeling weak

But she is recovering

Somebody give her a YAY!

First Thing!

I burned my (ex-smoking) fingers this morning. 

      I don't think it's bad but it hurts and I can't tell how bad it is until some hours pass.

      My coffeemaker sits in a cubbie above my desk. The basket and water access is special in that you don't have to open the top to get to either. I make a pot with 4 bottles of drinking water, have a fresh 16oz and the rest goes into a carafe and gets reheated the next three days, then, the cycle repeats.

      I normally don't sit and watch it while it makes the coffee because it has a special "aroma" setting that slows the brewing but I got up to check it, it was overflowing the pot, my desk, and pooling on the carpet.

      The only thing I can think of is there was still coffee in the pot itself and I must not have noticed because the coffeemaker only holds 4 bottles of water and it would have overflowed when I was putting in the water if it had two bottles of water still in it.

   While I was taking the pot into the next room it spilled all over my fingers that were holding the pot which made me set the pot down very fast, making another big mess.


Live and burn

but not cigarettes

      I knew he was getting married today and asked him what time. He said 4pm so I said I would take some pictures from our deck to get a different point of view for them. Here's a few. Don't worry, they had a real photographer there too. 

And their wedding day Sunrise

How are you going to quit smoking if you won't allow it to happen?

It Isn't.

You have to accept the fact that you can quit smoking

and your life will go on.

Then, you have to allow the time for it to happen.

There is no three week process that will free you

from all the memories and emotions you've connected to smoking.

Time Away From Smoking Puts The Distance Between You And Smoking.


Time Is The Healer 

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