You Have Many Choices And Ways In Life

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to find satisfaction, other than smoking a cigarette.

You have surely found different things along your path that

interested you and have given you joy, yes?


Maybe it's quiet time. Maybe it's music.

Perhaps scrap booking or some kind of craft.

Or Cycling, Jogging, Or, Dance

Maybe you like baking. Maybe photography?

Everyone Likes Ice Cream Yes?

And you have your favorites, yes?

      I've found I can always find things I like on sale so, that is how I plan my shopping, that, and how much room I have in my refrigerator. If there's one or two things not on sale or staples, I will go ahead and buy them.

      I shop 4 stores, not all on the same day. Three of them have online flyers that are easy to peruse, one doesn't. I typically download the flyers as PDF files and scan them while I have coffee and start building a list the day before and the day they take effect.     

I'M MAKING A PLAN BASED ON WHERE EVERYTHING IS IN EACH STORE. When you shop at 6am it takes minutes. You learn where everything is and you don't have to try and go around people.

      If I want ice cream, chances are I will find something I like on sale at one of these 4 stores.


      Finding your favorite ice cream on sale is similar to planning your quit.

 I've found black stainless steel spoons that are unbendable by ice cream.

(You gotta have the right tools  )



Make A Plan, Get The Right Tools, And, Make Your Quit Unbendable

OK Dig In

No ice cream was injured remained. in the execution of this blog.