~Mothers Day: Phrases, Lessons, And Other Things Moms Taught Us~

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"You're Cruisin' For A Bruisin'"


~General Theme When You Were Being Irritating, Annoying,

Or Were Doing Something You Had Been Told Not To.



~When You Excused You Behavior With

"Well They Did It First"

"If They Jumped Off A Bridge Would You?"


~If You Were Using Foul Language

"I'm Going To Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap"


~Playing With Matches

My Mom Held Our Hands Over The Stove.

(No, She Didn't Let Us Get Burned, She Just Wanted Us To Feel The Heat.)


Seeing People Smoking:

"Mom, Why Are They Doing That?"

"They Can't Help Themselves."



~Love You Mom~

What Instructional Memories Do You Have?