When The Smell Is Gone

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 8, 2018

To the tune of "When I'm 64"


I would go reaching into my shirt, for a cigarette

Nothing really happening there in my mind

Thought some nicotine would be fine.


Then twenty minutes, later it seems, I am needing one

What will be telling, when I've quit smoking, when the smell is gone.


I could go drinking, 20 drinks down, I could smoke 2 packs

Never thought about it 'til I heard this cough

Cough got worse and still did I scoff

Just kept on smoking, lighting them up

Breathing once was strong,  

What will be telling, when I've quit smoking

when the smell is gone.


Carrrying those damn green tanks...... is a giveaway

Concentrators are much smaller for a trip away


Now that I know I wish I'd have quit, 40 years before

Coulda saved my breathing and a lot of cash

Smoked five cars while vacations went past

Could I convince you you need to stop

'Fore your lungs are done

Or you'll be dragging green tanks and sagging,

when the smell is gone.



To be continued....or refined