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to find satisfaction, other than smoking a cigarette.

You have surely found different things along your path that

interested you and have given you joy, yes?


Maybe it's quiet time. Maybe it's music.

Perhaps scrap booking or some kind of craft.

Or Cycling, Jogging, Or, Dance

Maybe you like baking. Maybe photography?

Everyone Likes Ice Cream Yes?

And you have your favorites, yes?

      I've found I can always find things I like on sale so, that is how I plan my shopping, that, and how much room I have in my refrigerator. If there's one or two things not on sale or staples, I will go ahead and buy them.

      I shop 4 stores, not all on the same day. Three of them have online flyers that are easy to peruse, one doesn't. I typically download the flyers as PDF files and scan them while I have coffee and start building a list the day before and the day they take effect.     

I'M MAKING A PLAN BASED ON WHERE EVERYTHING IS IN EACH STORE. When you shop at 6am it takes minutes. You learn where everything is and you don't have to try and go around people.

      If I want ice cream, chances are I will find something I like on sale at one of these 4 stores.


      Finding your favorite ice cream on sale is similar to planning your quit.

 I've found black stainless steel spoons that are unbendable by ice cream.

(You gotta have the right tools  )



Make A Plan, Get The Right Tools, And, Make Your Quit Unbendable

OK Dig In

No ice cream was injured remained. in the execution of this blog.  

We Honor Those Who Paid A Price For You And Me.
Live's And Limbs Were Sacrificed For A Belief
In Good And Right The Fight That We Don't See
Protecting Each One's Life and Liberty.

USMC SGT Chad Jenson-Angel Flight - YouTube 

Mid April Through Mid December

Humpback Whales, Blue Whales, Killer Whales

& Dolphins


We may even get to go whale surfing

And Chile Relleno's Afterwards

We Become So Accepting That We Forget The Truth.

We Most Often Forget How Others See Us

While We Are Smoking. The First Impression.


If You're Still Smoking, Do Something For Me.

Watch Yourself In A Mirror The Next Time You Smoke.


Please, Do This For Me And For You.

Then, Think About Who You're Seeing.

Is That The Person You Want Others To See?


For Those Already Quit And Struggling

It's A Long Weekend

Stay Away From The "Throw Your Quit Away" Spirits.

It's Just Too Easy To Drink Too Much And Then Smoke.

Live Free

You've got to try these enchiladas.   :-)

At the beach...

But don't turn your back on a 7 foot wave. 

And, No Smoking



Stick With Your Plan

Stick With Yourself

the thought of smoking goes away when you allow it. (time)

The Only Way Out Is Through

      My buddy Steve and I have been trying to get together for cheese enchiladas at the beach for 3 or 4 days.

      Well, today was the day. We went to  a divey Mexican drive through that I go to at least once a week and got two containers with two enchiladas in each but when we parked on the beach to eat, we realized they had only given us one plastic knife and one plastic fork instead of two sets. I must've looked and felt all through that empty bag three or four times while Steve was looking on the floor in front of my seat.  NADA


      So, we ate our cheese enchiladas, me, with a plastic knife and Steve with his flimsy plastic fork.


      Ahh yes, it was a little awkward but they tasted just as good, I didn't drop anything on my shirt. and, the views were great.

      Not everyday of your quit will be joyful but you have the power to make it the best for you by how you allow yourself to flow with it.  Don't give up because you only have one utensil. 

And Don't Smoke

Write Us Here

Keep Hope

(popcorn's okay)

Quitting is accepting you can smoke at any time. 

Nothing's Stopping You.

Choosing to smoke again while

knowing what you will be getting yourself into is the smobering thought.

I quit smoking for better, not worse.


Now regarding this royal wedding:

If I had my choice

No one would mind

 Shorts and Sandals

Would be just fine.



I remember sleeping on the back seat as children when we'd start out on vacation at 3 in the morning or when our parents took us to friends and we'd come home late.

Do you remember car trips at night? How the car lulled you to sleep?

I wish you a sleep like you had  then

(this post has nothing to do with religion)

My Beliefs>>They are my thoughts based upon what I've heard from others and what I've seen for myself.


      Have you ever heard people who say, "I can't nap during the day?"

      Have you heard people who say, "Once I'm awake, I can't get back to sleep?"


      I was both of those people and now I know both of those beliefs were false.

They were simply what I had heard from others and what I had DECIDED for myself.


      Hoggie woke me up at 2:30 this morning and I had gone to bed lateer than normal.  I know I need 6 hours to function properly and that meant I needed to sleep until 4am. instead, I got up at 2:30 and I went back to bed at 4 and slept until 5:40.


I've learned I can allow myself to do it.

I've learned I can nap during the day because I can allow myself to.





5 Hard Things You Need to Start Doing for Yourself on Hard Days 

Without a cigarette

It doesn't happen overnight

It is something to look forward to

Love Yourself


"You're Cruisin' For A Bruisin'"


~General Theme When You Were Being Irritating, Annoying,

Or Were Doing Something You Had Been Told Not To.



~When You Excused You Behavior With

"Well They Did It First"

"If They Jumped Off A Bridge Would You?"


~If You Were Using Foul Language

"I'm Going To Wash Your Mouth Out With Soap"


~Playing With Matches

My Mom Held Our Hands Over The Stove.

(No, She Didn't Let Us Get Burned, She Just Wanted Us To Feel The Heat.)


Seeing People Smoking:

"Mom, Why Are They Doing That?"

"They Can't Help Themselves."



~Love You Mom~

What Instructional Memories Do You Have?


This goat could not get comfortable in its own skin. I doubt it had quit smoking.

Rescue Goat Suffering From Anxiety

Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume.

I've never taken a goat shopping. You?

The point of this post is you finding what turns off dwelling on a cigarette.

I believe you can find that switch. It's what makes our quits different.

Hearing yourself say "I don't do that anymore" is a good start.

Relax. Time will bring your escape.


Rescue Goat Suffering From Anxiety Only Calms Down In Her Duck Costume | Bored Panda 

To the tune of "When I'm 64"


I would go reaching into my shirt, for a cigarette

Nothing really happening there in my mind

Thought some nicotine would be fine.


Then twenty minutes, later it seems, I am needing one

What will be telling, when I've quit smoking, when the smell is gone.


I could go drinking, 20 drinks down, I could smoke 2 packs

Never thought about it 'til I heard this cough

Cough got worse and still did I scoff

Just kept on smoking, lighting them up

Breathing once was strong,  

What will be telling, when I've quit smoking

when the smell is gone.


Carrrying those damn green tanks...... is a giveaway

Concentrators are much smaller for a trip away


Now that I know I wish I'd have quit, 40 years before

Coulda saved my breathing and a lot of cash

Smoked five cars while vacations went past

Could I convince you you need to stop

'Fore your lungs are done

Or you'll be dragging green tanks and sagging,

when the smell is gone.



To be continued....or refined

No. You Don't INHALE IT!

Quitting Smoking Is Not A Superhuman Feat

You Have To Train For Like An Athlete.

Quitting Is About Changing Your Mind.

Yes It's Awkward To Do Things Differently,

At First, But,

You Aren't Still In Diapers And Using A Binkie Are You?

With Others Help And Knowledge,

You Learned What It Took To "Change."


So How Do You Start Quitting?

You Do Small Things To Break Your Routine

Before You Quit. You "Save" Those Changes

By Repeating Them.

This Sets Your Mind Up For Bigger Changes.


Nothing And No One Can Make You Smoke But You!

Giving "it" up means you hold it too dear

Letting go means less chance to reappear

It will take time to fade away

Clinging just keeps it there, at bay.

Let It Go, Then, Don't Give In.

      Why did we keep that time bomb between our fingers and put it to our lips for ?? years?

      We, long term smokers, happy to be free, know the younger a person quits, the likely less damage in their future. So, how do we encourage younger people to see the truth about smoking before they've smoked for 40 years?


Smoking is like Russian Roulette.

Just How many Chances Do You Think You Will Get?

Well Obviously She's Not Here Yet!

Check In Time Isn't Until 3pm

Maybe We'll Find A Live Cam So She Can Wave To Us?


I could never keep my hands dry enough to smoke while I shaved.

How about you? Shaving cream on cigarettes? YUCK!

Next time you want to smoke, go shave something!

But not the pets!  

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