Cold And Sour~Crave Busters Rap

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 7, 2018

Cold And Sour Will Break Your Craves Much Better Than Fire Any Day

This Was The Best Rapper Pic I Could Find.  

Bite Into A Lemon, Do It, Yeah The Skin And All 

Or Do Some Jumping Jacks Until You're Tired But Don't Fall

Put Your Head In The Freezer And Count Back From Twenty Five

Pack Your Mouth With Ice Cubes And Then Let Them Melt Aweye

 You Can Use Self Talk Say, "I Don't Do That Anymore"

Have Them Hide Your Keys So You Can't Sneak Off To The Store.

Drink Coffee With Your Off Hand 'Til It Settles In Your Mind

If You're Low Lift Up Your Blood Sugar With Several Little Bites

A Piece Of Fruit Is Quicker But Some Protein Holds It There

For Your Sake And Those Around You, Settle Down, Don't Pull Your Hair!

You'll Have Glimpses Of Salvation If You'll Only Give It Time

Just Be Willing, Let It Happen And Don't Make It Such A Fight