Coyote Queller

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 6, 2018

It happened again.

      At 1:30am a pack of coyotes were yipping so loudly they woke me and surely no one else could sleep through it. This has happened before a couple times a year.

      It's normally very quiet here at night.


      I went to Hoggie's cat door which is about chest height.

I pushed the hard plastic flap outward and yelled HEY! Very short like the crack of a rifle in the silence.  Now, I have a loud speaking voice anyway,  but, when I PROJECT, it's quite EXCEPTIONAL.


I let out the HEY! to startle them, and then I listened.

Their yipping had dropped to about 30% .

I then slammed that cat door to make them think I was coming out.



So, what have you learned?

Coyotes are cowards when confronted by the voice of Hoggie's Papa?


Well, Smoking Is A Coward Too

It Cannot Stand Up To You

Cigarettes Travel In Packs

Just Stop It!

Coyote Howling & Yipping Sounds From Feet Away - YouTube 

I'm going back to bed now.