Success Comes From Planning Ahead!

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 3, 2018

Planning For What Can Happen Is Not Overthinking, It's Smart.

      Unfinished Wood Floors And Their Installation Process Take Special Care To Remain Undamaged Before Move In.


      If A Client Wanted Wood Floors, They Were Done Near The End Of A Large Project, Just Before Electrical Finish And Then, Touch Up.


      The Flooring had To Be On The Jobsite 4-6 Weeks To Acclimate To The Actual Humidity And Final Conditions of Their Resting Place.

      It Was Then Installed, Sanded And Finished. A Gap Is Always Left At The Walls Beneath The Baseboard For Expansion And Contraction.


      In Order To Not Get The Finish All Over The Baseboards, We Would Pre-Fit Them And Have The Painters Finish Them And I Would Install Them After The Floors Were Completed And Cured At Least A Few Days. This Is The Time You Don't Want To Drop Your Hammer.  :-)


      We Would Protect The Newly Finished Floors With Red Rosin Paper Taped To Itself. I Would Then Shoot The Pre Fitted Baseboard On With A Finish Gun Which Also Set The Nail Heads.

      The Electricians Would Come In And Couldn't Do Damage With Their "Droppings" Unless They Dropped A Fixture. 

      The Painters Were The Last Ones Out Of The Job.


      The Process Is Thoroughly Planned And Carried Out.


Your quit needs this same type of planning.


Make your plan, collect your tools and do it!