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There's a chaser in Texas right now and it's just getting interesting.

Live Storm Chasing; Watch Tornadoes Online in Real Time 

      I have a chat roll I watch during the day and someone posted this Mac Davis link yesterday which stirred the following memory.


Mac Davis - It's Hard To Be Humble - YouTube 


      When my wife got pregnant (right after I severed my thumb) , we were searching for a Lamaze teacher and were referred to a Lise Davis who was coaching out of a condo in Westwood. We had no idea at the time she was Mac Davis' wife.

      After Jessie was born (1987) I received a call from Lise asking me if I would consider making a mailbox for Mac as a Christmas gift. (she knew I was a carpenter)

      I drove to their home in Bel Air and she and I took a drive so she could point out what he had mentioned he liked.

      Well, what she showed me was a plain little rectangular mailbox with cedar shingles on the side.

         I told her I could make something like that for a few hundred dollars but that I had some other ideas.

      She asked me to explain.

      They had a French Tudor? mansion on a 5 acre lot. I suggested I duplicate some of the features including wood bat and plaster breakups, divided light windows, a hand carved circle head door, a roof made up of 450 handmade multicolored slate fish scale shingles and a thick copper plate coming out of the top that said "Fair Oaks" (the name of the estate) and the street number cut out. They had a keycard entry box on an arm to open their private gates which I incorporated into the mailbox design to conceal it. 

(I just found pictures on a page from my projects book.)



      Mac liked it so much he later contracted me to remodel his master bath and entry bath.

      In between the mailbox and before I did the bath remodels, Mac decided to throw a surprise 30th birthday party for Lise and invite all her Lamaze students and their babies. There were at least 90 or more couples who came with their newborns.

He had big tents and catered food, a clown for the children and he even had a plane fly over that said "Happy Birthday Lise."

      The maid later told me the party cost 90K. (when I was doing the remodeling.) Yeah, it was a good party.

      It appears they've sold the property and the new owner has torn down the mansion and completed the following monstrosity in 2014. 

Hadid Design & Development Group » Nimes Road / Bel Air, California 


back in my construction days we used polaroids to document our work.

50 Years Ago-Pranks and Memories

      In 1968, I went on my second summer tour with the Young Americans,

The Royal Easter Show in Sydney was the first 2 weeks of a 3 month tour.

It's like a state fair for all of New South Wales.


   They put us in the middle of a polo field that held 80,000 people and the closest audience was 80 yards away. (they didn't have giant screens back in '68)

This meant the audience couldn't likely see crisp detail. We were performing on a round piece of plywood about 40 feet in diameter sitting right on the turf.


      It was pouring rain our first day and we were getting soaked. If you touched your lips on the mike you got a stiff jolt.

      We were doing our best considering and, some songs required us to sit down just inside the outer perimeter of the plywood circle (It was painted fancy) which put us within arms reach of the turf.

      Well, they couldn't clean every bit of horse manure off the field and it began being discreetly tossed towards one another around the circle.


      The 25 piece orchestra was in the rain that first day too, and our music got wet. I don't know if you've seen large form sheet music in a pro situation but the sheets are 11 x 17 and connected with cloth tape, sometime 30-40 sheets for each number. That meant one piece the music was 40 feet long when spread out and there were 25 musicians.

      The damp music had to be spread out in the stables overnight to dry out.


The next day, they pulled a semi truck out onto the field. They had cut out the entire side of the semi trailer so the orchestra couldn't get wet. That solved the wet music problem, but didn't help us.


      We had a number where the girls wore straw hats and one of the guys had smeared limburger cheese in the rim of their hats. When they put those hats on during the number, they got a spur look on their faces.   Now, I don't know if you've ever smelled limburger cheese but I don't suggest it to settle your stomach.


      I met an Australian girl (Elizabeth Jones) in those two weeks and we enjoyed each others company. She would borrow her brothers Austin Mini and she'd let me drive. It's like London. The steering wheel is on the right, the shift was on the left, you drive on the other side of the street. I hit a silent cop my first attempt. It was fun driving around in another country


      We drove to the big bridge base on the opera house side of the harbor to see the Opera House from that vantage point. (see red arrow)

   Seeing the harbor webcam last night brought back these memories. 

webcamsydney – Live, the iconic view of Sydney, NSW, Australia 

      I recall taking her to a restaurant for surf and turf and dinner was $1.65 US each. A bottle of wine a couple bucks. Back then, the dollar went a long ways in the other economies we visited.

      Good memories and the best part is,  I don't recall smoking at all.



Office of the Architect of the Capitol | United States Capitol | Virtual Tour 


360 Degrees-Check out the ceilings

Each frame at bottom middle takes you to a new area

Go too fast and you'll get dizzy



Do we have or need a group, called "bore-dumb"  or "keep your mind busy" for these type of posts? 

They've gone up 25-30% in the past 6 weeks or so, and, two different people in my friends list said they had chickens and too many eggs.

This was Sunday and I've been trying to figure out the logistics.

I think one of them is 32 miles away and one is 8.

I just posted this on facebook and will wait to see if either responds.

If no one responds, I'll go buy some old eggs.



             THE FRESH EGG SONG
How many miles will I drive for fresh eggs?
Until they are there in my hand, Oh and,
How many minutes as compared to a week
Before they will crack in a pan
I'm dreaming of custard like my grandma made
I may even try to make flan
The answer my friends,

is up to your hens,

The answer is up to your hens. :-



I Believe You Don't Even Have To Want To Quit. I Believe That You Can Decide, And Then, Step Away By Changing Your Smoking Routine Long Enough To Distance Yourself From It And Not Talking Yourself Back Into Smoking.

But, I Don't Know If You Will.

Do You?

and then I got claustrophobia

Water Tower Cleaning - YouTube 

It was too wet to smoke

then, there's the leak 

      It showed on caller ID as Twinda, the friend I met 11 years ago on the quit smoking site I had quit on.

      I had meant to call her the past weekend and didn't get around to it so I was excited to talk with her.

      As you know I was planning to fly her here to spend a week and then she had a COPD flareup and required oxygen 24/7.  "I Have Some Bad News" 

      That was a huge hindrance because she couldn't bring enough with her for a week which meant I was going to have to figure that out and the accommodations wouldn't be certain until the very last moment.

      The last time we spoke, I was going to try to go up there.

The call tonight

It was her daughter.

My friend passed away this morning.



RIP Twinda  (She was a twin and I am a twin and when we met, I had a number of Linda's in my life, so I always called her Twinda.)



Smoked for 25 years

Quit in 1968


What is the most important factor in a successful quit?

      We all assume as we get older, we lose cognitive ability.


Because that's what we've always heard, right?


We always heard how hard it was to quit smoking too, didn't we?

My mom didn't smoke but that's what she told us.

I believe she did it to suggest we never start.


We Can't Always Believe What Was Heard And Passed On.

If It Was Rumor By Those With No Personal Experience,

Maybe Quitting Isn't So Bad And There Are People

Who Know How To Help Make It Easier? 

The researchers autopsied hippocampi from 28 previously healthy individuals aged 14-79 who had died suddenly. This is the first time researchers looked at newly formed neurons and the state of blood vessels within the entire human hippocampus soon after death. image is in the public domain.


Grow Old But, Keep Your Wits About You. 

My dad's 92 and in good physical and mental health.

Honestly, I wasn't and, you probably weren't either.


Smoking has nothing to do with thinking.

Smoking becomes automatic.

We accept it.  It is us.


This is the reason quitting is difficult.

It was part of everything.

We actually have to think to quit.


Before I trained, diapers were automatic.

I wouldn't go back to diapers for anything!

You can Depends on that!

Quality Of Life

With No Regrets

I Let It Go

To Find Something

I'd Not Found Yet


A Peace Of Mind

Being Comfortable

Not Reaching For

A Cigarette

Which Way Is She Spinning?

And Then It Hit Me

I Think These Drawings Are Striking.


Malaysian Artist Creates Fluffy Cats Using Just Ink And The Result Looks Hauntingly Beautiful | Bored Panda 

Now, Get Out Your Ink Pens And


(Use Black Pen/No Blue Cats!)

"Hoggie? Be My Model?"

I Was Able To Fool My Camera's Sensor By Shooting

At A Leaf Instead Of Directly Into The Sun.

You Can't Fool The Nicotine Receptors.

Nicotine Receptors Are Not Pro Or Con Smoking.

They Are Not Moral Or Ethical Judges.

They Just Are.

They Cannot Be Fooled.

They Know When They've Been Fed.

Then, They Want MORE.

Don't Kid Yourself And Think You Can Have Just One!

There Is No Such Thing As An Emergency Pack

It's Always In The Back Of Your Mind.

It's Always Waiting For Your Permission.

And, They're Always STALE. 

Make Life With A Future Your Fallback, Not, What You Left Behind

Isn't That Projecting To Yourself

      "I'm Really Going To Be Giving Up Something So I'm Going To Cling To It   Right To The End."

      It's Certainly Not  Changing Behavior Before A Quit. It's Certainly Not Easing Into A Quit. The Road Becomes More Like Shock Therapy.


      I Don't Believe The Majority Of People Who Approach Their Quit In This Way Are Really Ready To Quit And They Will Most Likely End Up In The 94%.

(The Exception Being Those Forced To Quit Because Of Health)


      I Think A Better Mindset Is Getting Into Letting Go Of Smoking Instead Of Giving Up Smoking.  See, This Belief That You Are Giving Up Something Good Is BULL****.

The Problem Is You Can't See It 'Til You've Done It.


(Sorry I forgot To Include Any Roses Or Fairies.)

(This Post Is Intended Simply To Make Those Who Aren't Preparing Or

Changing Their Routine Before They Quit Think About Doing So.)

Cold And Sour Will Break Your Craves Much Better Than Fire Any Day

This Was The Best Rapper Pic I Could Find.  

Bite Into A Lemon, Do It, Yeah The Skin And All 

Or Do Some Jumping Jacks Until You're Tired But Don't Fall

Put Your Head In The Freezer And Count Back From Twenty Five

Pack Your Mouth With Ice Cubes And Then Let Them Melt Aweye

 You Can Use Self Talk Say, "I Don't Do That Anymore"

Have Them Hide Your Keys So You Can't Sneak Off To The Store.

Drink Coffee With Your Off Hand 'Til It Settles In Your Mind

If You're Low Lift Up Your Blood Sugar With Several Little Bites

A Piece Of Fruit Is Quicker But Some Protein Holds It There

For Your Sake And Those Around You, Settle Down, Don't Pull Your Hair!

You'll Have Glimpses Of Salvation If You'll Only Give It Time

Just Be Willing, Let It Happen And Don't Make It Such A Fight

      By any and all means

      Find something that interests you that you can enjoy after you've quit.

You really need to get the dopamine/satisfaction replaced one way or another.

That's a big reason many go back. Our Pleasure Receptors Have Been Hijacked To The Point That Nicotine Was The Thing That Gave Us Pleasure.

Think Of The Cigarette After Sex Connection? Or The One After A Meal.

It's All To Please Those Nicotine Receptors.


      I took a photography class in adult ed and my favorite aunt traded me her camera and 3 lenses for a tiger eye ring I got in Bangkok.

      The thing was, film and developing were expensive.

That has all changed.

You can buy a digital camera for $100-$300 with the money you're saving from not smoking and it's ZERO cost once you've done that. You can even use your smart phone. 


    The Savings Comes In Because You can print JUST THE ONES YOU WANT instead of a whole roll of 36 pictures of which you never had any idea of how it was going to look until you'd spent the money.. Digital Makes It Foolproof.


      I went for a drive with a friend today and took some pictures while we were moving.

Do Something To Get That Dopamine!

It happened again.

      At 1:30am a pack of coyotes were yipping so loudly they woke me and surely no one else could sleep through it. This has happened before a couple times a year.

      It's normally very quiet here at night.


      I went to Hoggie's cat door which is about chest height.

I pushed the hard plastic flap outward and yelled HEY! Very short like the crack of a rifle in the silence.  Now, I have a loud speaking voice anyway,  but, when I PROJECT, it's quite EXCEPTIONAL.


I let out the HEY! to startle them, and then I listened.

Their yipping had dropped to about 30% .

I then slammed that cat door to make them think I was coming out.



So, what have you learned?

Coyotes are cowards when confronted by the voice of Hoggie's Papa?


Well, Smoking Is A Coward Too

It Cannot Stand Up To You

Cigarettes Travel In Packs

Just Stop It!

Coyote Howling & Yipping Sounds From Feet Away - YouTube 

I'm going back to bed now. 

By Changing Your Mind

Number One

There Was A 2015 Study That Concluded Smoking Made You Go Grey Faster.

(now I'm looking in the mirror    )


Number Two

There Are Now 7 States Where It's Against The Law To Smoke With Kids In The Car.

The Explanation:

"No Amount Of Second Hand Smoke Is Safe

Kids Model Their Parents. Parents Smoking Send A Message That Smoking Is Okay."

"If You Quit Smoking And You're Still Smoking, You're Doing It Wrong."



If You're Still Smoking

You're Doing It Wrong

Don't Be A Chimney

 You Did That Too Long


Do Be Awakened

Don't Go To Sleep

Quitting Is Worth It

But It Don't Come Cheap.


You'll Have Your Trials

Just Like Us All

Come Here And Talk To Us

We'll Stop Your Fall


You May Stub Your Toe But

You Won't Crack Your Head

We All Quit Sometime

Living Or Dead.


Don't Pass On Freedom

Live Life In Full

Give it Some Time And Watch

It'll Lose Its Pull.

And, It Saddens Me To Think of Those Who Will.

The Last Moment Of Self Deception

The Worship, Most Likely, Of What Killed Them.

Quitting Is For A Better Quality Of Life.

Why Else Would You Do It?

Backsliding Can Be Painful!

Onward And Upward!

Planning For What Can Happen Is Not Overthinking, It's Smart.

      Unfinished Wood Floors And Their Installation Process Take Special Care To Remain Undamaged Before Move In.


      If A Client Wanted Wood Floors, They Were Done Near The End Of A Large Project, Just Before Electrical Finish And Then, Touch Up.


      The Flooring had To Be On The Jobsite 4-6 Weeks To Acclimate To The Actual Humidity And Final Conditions of Their Resting Place.

      It Was Then Installed, Sanded And Finished. A Gap Is Always Left At The Walls Beneath The Baseboard For Expansion And Contraction.


      In Order To Not Get The Finish All Over The Baseboards, We Would Pre-Fit Them And Have The Painters Finish Them And I Would Install Them After The Floors Were Completed And Cured At Least A Few Days. This Is The Time You Don't Want To Drop Your Hammer.  :-)


      We Would Protect The Newly Finished Floors With Red Rosin Paper Taped To Itself. I Would Then Shoot The Pre Fitted Baseboard On With A Finish Gun Which Also Set The Nail Heads.

      The Electricians Would Come In And Couldn't Do Damage With Their "Droppings" Unless They Dropped A Fixture. 

      The Painters Were The Last Ones Out Of The Job.


      The Process Is Thoroughly Planned And Carried Out.


Your quit needs this same type of planning.


Make your plan, collect your tools and do it!

I Lost Interest, I Gave Up.

They Let Me Down, I Gave Up.


Blaming Others For Your Expectations

Is A Major Threat To Your Quit.






      A few months ago I eagerly anticipated a new season of my favorite live eagle's nest cam, The eggs, the pipping, and, the birth of two new eagles.

      This is the third year I've been watching this nest and typically their eggs are laid within a day or two of the prior years. Not This Year. They were weeks later than prior years.

      A week ago, March 25, they had their first egg. On March 28, the second.

I missed it all because, I had given up on them having eggs this season.

   Better Late Than Never

Live Washington DC Bald Eagle Cam 

The cameras are on 24/7 with sound

Don't Give Up. Don't Let What Someone Else Says Or Does Control Your Quit.

Own It! No One Else Can!

AEF DC - Event Log 2018 - rev (Responses) - Google Sheets 


You Don't Have To Hunt It Down!

It's AlreadyThere.

When You Finally Decide To Quit And Stop Fighting Yourself

It Will Appear.

~Happy Easter~

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