Do You Avocado Toast?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Mar 29, 2018

      I was watching the news and there were people on who had never heard of avocado toast until a year ago.

      I was raised 15 miles from the avocado capital of the world and have been eating it since childhood and wondered how many of you have tried it?

      Haas Avocados are the most flavorful. They are the ones with the pebbley skin. They can take anywhere from 2-4 days to ripen from rock hard state. If you put them in a brown paper bag they will ripen quicker.

      To make the toast or guacamole, you want your avocados to give slightly like you'd want a peach to give when it's ripe.


So, have you tried it?

Do you like it?

How do you make it?


Here's my recipe:

Halve your avocado and scoop out the flesh. I usually do it lengthwise because the seed is going to remain in one of the halves and I whack it quickly with my knife, it sticks in the seed, then I use the knife as a lever to twist it out.


Toast your bread and butter it.

Put at least 1/4 of an avocado on each piece of buttered toast

Take a knife and slice the avocado while it's on the toast and then fan out the slices.

Salt & pepper and a little lemon juice.


at least 1/2 avocado per person is required for guacamole.

I never buy more than two at a time because they all ripen at the same time and you have too much or throw them away.


Lemon juice brings out the best in the avocado. 1/2 teaspoon per avocado in guacamole or sprinkle lightly on the avocado toast. I buy a little container for a buck at one of my stores. It says it is not reconstituted. It keeps for a few months unrefrigerated.