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Like To Travel?

Never Had The Money To Go Anyplace?

      I Was Spending $150 A Month At $5  A Pack  When I Quit Over 11 Years Ago.

That's $1800 A Year or $19,950 I Haven't Spent On Cigarettes!

      If You Want Tangible Proof Smoking Was Robbing You, Start Putting The Money You Aren't Spending On Smoking In A Jar. (Or Open A Separate Account.)  You Can Call It "The Vacation Fund." Think Of It As Your Impetus To Keep Going Forward.  :-)

And...You Won't Have To Smoke On Layovers!  :-)

Where have you traveled?

My mom loved to travel. She was a school librarian but, later in life she got a travel license and used to work at a travel agency after her school day. She would lead tours to Europe and the Holy Land. As a kid, we hit all the national parks, as well as Western Canada and Alaska. When I traveled with the Young Americans, we covered nearly all the lower 48 and Hawaii, plus, many trips to the Far East and Australia twice.


Now, I travel Online. :-)


What's your favorite place you've been?

Where would you like to go?