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      I got my first computer when Windows 95 came out. I had been using a word processor for bids and contracts along with a fax machine.  Remember those things? 

      I loved playing Tomb Raider and Diablo.  My wife always knew where to find my daughter and myself after I got that computer.. I remember having so much fun. Thing is, I was so involved, I didn't want to go outside and smoke.

Lots of dopamine. LOTS


      Then I just had to build a computer from scratch. It had everything plus 5 hard drives. I had it set up to edit video because two harddrives splitting the work can do it much faster.Then I built one for my daughter. A computer is just a bunch of parts that click into the motherboard. The fun is choosing the parts you want. There are 2 brands of processors and they each had to use a motherboard with a matching pin socket. I liked to upgrade from what I could buy ready made so building computers from scratch became another hobby.


      I don't know, maybe the first person shooter games where all you're doing is holding a gun and shooting might be a little much while you're trying to quit smoking.


Ever play them?

Any favorites?


I still have a dumb phone. (for a reason.) 

going in circles

I'm seeing a lot of that here lately.

Talking The Talk Don't Mean Squat If You Don't Walk The Walk.

Take Some Of That Hot Air And Raise Your Quit.

See How I Cut Off The Path Of

Associations And Memories Of

Buying Or Thinking About Buying Cigarettes

By Simply Not Going There Again?

People wonder why I call him Hoggie?

It's short for "Love-Hog."

      From the time he was a kitten, he's had a need for love that went beyond all the other cats we had. If people came to visit, he would go from one lap to the next and then back again.

      We probably had 50 or more from 1981 to 2009, mostly rescues. Actually all rescues and a few litters from those rescues.

      Our first cat showed up on the front porch. We went on vacation and when we came back, she was on our front porch and it was now apparent she was expecting.

      After she continually returned, I built a raised three foot square house with a door opening and a shingled roof that lifted off for cleaning and spreading out a blanket, I called it "Catominium."


      Anywho, Hoggie was born on a corner chair in the living room with his 4 brothers about two feet behind my head in a little spring up cat tent a friend had given us. He's heard my voice since his first breath and we've been pretty much inseparable these past 11 years. He went to Canada with me for a month and we've only been apart perhaps 10 days total in the past 11 years.

I take him out every day. He ran wild in LA but too many coyotes in Oceanside.

He likes to eat the grass and hurl every other day or so.

I've determined that he is most vulnerable to coyotes when he's wretching.

The Loquats Are Nearly Ready. The Birds Know It.

Have A Great Sunday!

Don't argue with yourself.

That always made you want to smoke.

So, Just Don't Smoke


Keep It That Way!

Ole Monet!

Donovan - Mellow yellow - YouTube 



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Feb 18, 2018

When you Realize You Don't Want To Smoke,

Is When You Really Begin Forgetting.


Give It Time


A Passing Thought's No Hurricane,

It's Just A Light Breeze Blowing.

A Memory From 20 Years

Is No Command For Smoking.

There are going to be times when you just don't see it.

      I took Hoggie out this morning like I do every day. He rolls in the dirt and eats grass, chases lizards and spots gophers.

      I didn't have my camera outside with me at the time but I heard it.

I looked up and there in a clear sky, at 10,000 feet, I saw the silver underbelly of the jump plane.  I knew they would soon be spreading out in the sky. As the plane continued forward, I saw each one drop out of the plane,




I Lost Them.


      Moments later I could hear their chutes snap open but, damn, I couldn't see a one of them.  What seemed like minutes later, I saw them floating past the tops of the eucalyptus trees.


   Many will say to quit minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day, but,

even then, many if not most, will lose their way.


This is why I post the long game.

What you will experience

What to watch out for

What stumbling block may get you and when

Milestones to look for

Ways to break the most stubborn crave.

      There is more than the moment you are in and, you have to have faith in the long game, though you may lose sight of it.


We are here to remind you of the long game.

We are your proof

We know how to do it and we are giving it to you,

so you can give it to someone else.

Faith In The Long Game!

Onward And Upward!

Like To Travel?

Never Had The Money To Go Anyplace?

      I Was Spending $150 A Month At $5  A Pack  When I Quit Over 11 Years Ago.

That's $1800 A Year or $19,950 I Haven't Spent On Cigarettes!

      If You Want Tangible Proof Smoking Was Robbing You, Start Putting The Money You Aren't Spending On Smoking In A Jar. (Or Open A Separate Account.)  You Can Call It "The Vacation Fund." Think Of It As Your Impetus To Keep Going Forward.  :-)

And...You Won't Have To Smoke On Layovers!  :-)

Where have you traveled?

My mom loved to travel. She was a school librarian but, later in life she got a travel license and used to work at a travel agency after her school day. She would lead tours to Europe and the Holy Land. As a kid, we hit all the national parks, as well as Western Canada and Alaska. When I traveled with the Young Americans, we covered nearly all the lower 48 and Hawaii, plus, many trips to the Far East and Australia twice.


Now, I travel Online. :-)


What's your favorite place you've been?

Where would you like to go?

Isn't That A Great Phrase?

Every Time Catch Yourself

Thinking Of Smoking, Say It!


Seriously though,

Which comes first.

The Permission?


The Puff?

This is a test

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