Ready ?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 16, 2018

I was ready when I quit.

I wasn't quitting for any existing health reason so,

(there was no pressure to quit )

I was prepared but I never focused on the preparation.

(just told myself to wait a little longer in those 4 weeks before I quit)

I knew I was buying my last pack when I put the money on the counter and not before .

In getting down to five a day without any negative thoughts ever, no counting, no denial

(I had proven I didn't have to smoke just because I thought I did.)

I told the store owner who always pulled out two packs when I'd walk through the door I was done.

His jaw dropped. (his kids weren't going to college because of my habit?  :-)  )


How much more ready could I be?


Quitting doesn't have to be mentally stressful.

It's uncomfortable not doing what you're used to and, not getting the nicotine, but it won't kill you.

We create the fear. We create negative thinking.

Most of the negative things we worry about never happen.


The repetition of smoking Is unlearned by the repetition of not smoking.


It takes time and willingness to let it go


Make yourself ready to allow it to happen.