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Happiness is different for each of us but

we're all gonna have ups and downs in life.

There will be times when we feel "stuck"and just don't know

how to change our mind and move forward.

Your answer to this dilemma is there, within that line.

Most of us think we know what makes us happy and what doesn't.

When you begin to change your mind you'll realize it's not things that make you happy but the feelings you've created and attached to those things.


If you stick your quit out and get past the initial discomfort

of not doing what you've been used to for so long,

your eyes will be opened to thoughts that nicotine

and the ritual of smoking kept from you.

      In the beginning, what is needed is to

replace the dopamine you were getting from smoking.

That's a big part of the reason people get stuck and fail.


      You can get it from music or exercise, or, a hobby or craft, volunteering, a sport, or playing an instrument. Not only will these provide the dopamine, they keep your mind busy and thus, not thinking of smoking or not smoking.

(This really works. I played guitar at a friends house 10 hours a day my first two weeks as I was between construction projects)



I Forgot To Include Food, Sex And Chocolate.  :-)

(I didn't actually forget, I was avoiding the ones that add calories)

A recent study says the dopamine is actually released when we think about the food even if we don't follow through and eat it.

(There are plenty of pictures of food on the net)  :-)

Are You Still Telling Yourself You Want To Smoke?


What Do You Think Is Going To Happen With That Thinking?


It's Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

Why Do This To  Yourself?


Are You Listening Here? Are You Reading?  Are You Learning?


Will You Make Yourself Suffer And Say You Tried Again?

It's not so complicated if you'll simply focus on that.


You Control Your Hands And Your Mouth.

Earn It! Don't Burn It!

What you have is not what you own.

It's more like punishing   :-),

but, it doesn't last long and, you get used to it.

When you've not smoked for awhile, you'll realize you don't want to smoke.

And there you have it.

Then you have to give it time.

You grow your quit

by day, by hour.

This not smoking

Ain't so hard.

Break It Down,

Take Apart.

Just Like

Anything exposed,

Knowledge and resolve.

Nothing's going to bite your back

there's no monster to attack

nicotine was just a hack,

parasite of life.


"Vase Of Truth"

Does Smoking Make You Impulsive?

Yes, It Makes You Impulsive To Smoke.

Does Nicotine Make You Impulsive?

Yes, It Makes You Impulsive To Get More.



You can overcome it with "faith-generated action

to do something you've never done,

something you didn’t think you could do".


You Cannot Remain Passive.

Nothing Is Accomplished Without You Initiating It.


Enter into quitting with the faith you can do it not, the idea you can't.

      This is the time of year we look for friends from the past, memories of earlier times come bubbling up, often with our wishing we could relive them.

      With Christmas nearly here, I was reminded of a song I was asked to write for a Christmas Eve service in a movie that was never completed. The movie was called "An Act Of Faith."  I had a sleeve of old songs I recently stuck in the pocket of my guitar bag and found it there.



I don't think I've played the guitar or sung for a year and a half and I have a recorder I don't know how to use yet.  :-)  If I can muster the energy, I'll try to record and post a video before Christmas Eve. It may just be me and a guitar.

Cellular Damage

Abnormal Changes


We  Aren't Invincible.

Isn't that what we teach here?  :-)

That Is The Real Help Of A Support Group.


We take all the knowledge we've collected and we

interact with it in ways most of us could never advantage alone.

This knowledge, sparks ideas of what one might be missing

and, is usually found in the responses.

Someone here will most likely say something

that makes a person reconsider their approach if they're listening.

Then they believe, then they have hope.


Don't we all wish we could just quit smoking one day

and it would be over,

and we didn't ever think of it again?

Because it's an entire behavior change we will be reminded by association for a considerable time, but, what's so bad about that?

It's thought's. It's undoing the mental connections by making new memories.

This behavioral change will help you in all ways, not hurt you.

Don't Give Up So Easy!

Today I celebrate 4000 days,

Tomorrow 4001

Quitmas life is wonderful

Make your quit a miracle WON.

Is Probably The Biggest Pre And Early Going-Quit Killer!

If you look at your quit as undoable, impossible or disbelievable

It's downhill from there.


You're Traveling Through A New Dimension.  Up Ahead....

The Twilight Years

Drooling & Diapers


Life begins at 70: Pensioners discover extreme hobbies in their twilight years - Telegraph 

There are new choices waiting for you after you've quit smoking.

What will you choose to do now that you are saving

$100 or more a month by not smoking?

Plan a vacation? Move to someplace warmer?  :-)

She Harbors Untold Treasure in Her Twilight Years 

Those old memories, joys and fears?


the stress of

The dysfunctional family?

Illness in the family?

The persons now missing?

The long drive?

A flat tire?

People drinking too much?

Things we all have to deal with.

Be Prepared for memories that trigger you.


When I smoked I'd go outside,

'Twas Courtesy and, not to hide

But when I finished

I'd come back in

And I'd keep a distance, Smoking wins!

Near eleven years ago I quit

I'm happier because of it.

I doubt I'd ever smoke again

No smoking thoughts, just cookie tins.


Get ready to be happy.

You are giving yourself a life giving gift

by quitting smoking.

                             Think Before You Smoke,

                           Don't Throw Your Quit Away.

                   Stop Saying That You Want To Smoke

                        Your Quit Will Live Another Day.

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