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That's the conglomerate of wet and dry ingredients.

Next you flour the pan and your hands and press it into the pan.

You can use the heel of your hand making this a "hands on" recipe. :-)

Then you paint it with a water and brown sugar mixture (see above) and bake it 20 minutes at 350.

When it comes out you wait about 5 minutes and then cut it with a pizza cutter before it hardens.

Separate them and coat them with powdered sugar in your container.

This is the full recipe you are looking at.

The Clove And The Dark Corn Syrup Give These A Unique Taste

And A Wonderful Chewiness.

Aunt Minnie's Cookies>>Secret Recipe

Yes I forgot I only made a half recipe last year until I made these today  :-)

Need to take some to my new dentists office.


If you want them for Christmas, you need to make them now. They have to cure in the sealed container for 3+ weeks with a sliced apple or orange.

I add extra clove 2T instead of 1 1/2, Same with the cinnamon.

      In 1999, I severed my right foot at the ankle and broke my lower leg in 80 places. I was in the hospital for 11 days. I bought a laptop after I was released and went back to my job site 2 weeks after it happened. With the laptop I did the paperwork I normally did every night and and made my calls. I did this because my leg would fill with lymph fluid that had no way to get back out because they could not reconnect the lymph system. (It is too fine a system. All they can do  is hope some of it will reconnect on its own but it doesn't always happen.)

      It would start pounding and throbbing by the afternoon every day.  I had a hospital bed in my living room and I could elevate it and get the fluid back out.

       At two months I went in for my first in office x-rays. The x-rays showed there was half inch gap between my leg bones and my ankle bone. (talus)  My ankle bone had died. They prescribed a $5000 bone stimulator I would wrap around my foot.

      When I went back with no improvement after months, he said if I didn't have a fusion I would be in a lot of pain within a year.  They used a cadaver bone as a shim and 3" titanium screws and the bone grows and fills in the gaps around the breaks. You lose ALL use of your ankle motion in every direction. I've found it's like walking on a pole with a foot hanging off it. It's very tough walking on angles or uneven surfaces like rocks, sand, or stairs.

      After 3 months of physical therapy 3 mornings a week in a cast before work,  and, custom made work boots, I still couldn't push off with the ball of my foot.


      We decided to go in again to reset the angle of the fusion. The idea was to leave the ankle bone alone and fuse the bones forward of it, but, when he got in there, he decided to redo the ankle bone where it met the leg bone. After he takes it apart and shapes the bone to the new angle he discovers the screws won't hold. He puts 5 titanium rods through my leg bone and ankle bone that were clamped to graphite rods outside my leg. I now have 10 open wounds to dress twice a day for 5 months with physical therapy for another 3 months. (I had requested an epidural block instead of general and because he ran into this problem causing the surgery run long after the screws didn't hold,  I was awake the second half of the surgery.  I looked up at the anesthesiologist and said, am I supposed to be feeling this?  :-)  Evidently, they can't give you any more when they do an epidural.)


      3 YEARS, 5 Surgeries and on crutches and in a wheelchair the entire time.


You know what I didn't do that whole time? QUIT SMOKING


It takes some powerful denial to ignore the Dr.


      Did my continued smoking prevent proper healing?  More than likely.

My foot starts throbbing every day about 1pm.


      The moral of the story is listen to your Dr. when they tell you smoking inhibits healing. The carbon monoxide in the bloodstream robs the injured areas of needed healing oxygen.

Some of them are vibrant powerful effective communicators.

I know they have the best intentions and inspire the other new members.

They certainly Inspire myself and the other elders.

It is disappointing to all of us when they disappear from the site

likely, because they've gone back to smoking.

Talk, especially self talk, puts us directly on the path

to what we are telling ourselves.

It is very powerful but it can be good or it can be bad.

Keep talking to yourself but, keep saying the right things.

Don't tell yourself you want to smoke. You will make that happen by doing so.

Walk The Talk, And, Keep Walking The Talk!

Time Is The Healer!

Twins Study Shows Smoking Makes You Ugly - NBC Chicago 

keep smoking and YOU COULD LOOK OLDER THAN YOUR TWIN!  :-)

I'm nearing my expiration date so I'm not too concerned about wrinkles myself.

If you'll put smoking down.

      Trust me when I say I appreciate all the work that goes into making Thanksgiving dinner and I appreciate all the love that goes into it.


      I love to cook. Always have.  I cooked from 3am and finished the gravy at 8:30 this morning.   I cleaned up while things were cooking in the oven or microwave.

      I only have one circuit so I can only do one heating process at a time or it blows the circuit breaker.  :-)

      I made my dressing with apples and sausage. I cooked the sausage down and drained all the grease off a couple mornings ago so I wouldn't have to deal with that mess today and, I could cook it to perfection instead of being in a hurry.

      I made Yams. I nuke them with the skins on and then scrape out all the meat from the skin easily.  I cut in 1/2 stick of unsalted butter and some nutmeg then baked them. I've finally figured out it was nutmeg I was looking for and not cinnamon. (we are creatures of our memories)   No sugar added but mini marshmallows on top.

      Green beans with bacon fat. Mashed potatoes (I leave the skins on) & gravy, and of course, cranberry sauce.


It didn't take me 5 1/2 hours to eat.  :-) but I have leftovers.

Turkey taco recipe will be posted soon.


I hope you are enjoying your day!

      Learning what symptoms are normal, what feelings you will come up against, what milestones to look for, and when you may be most at risk?

Maybe we can help keep you from getting so dirty?

That is our hope.







The Drug Only Controls You While You Are Using It.

Life is A Struggle And You Can Lose It,

Learn How To Juggle And You Can Use It,

When Your Heart's In Trouble And You Must Choose It,

Hold On To Life


(ken jones-this is the chorus from a song my brother wrote)

Have a Great Sunday

You May Have A Bad Day But I Believe You Will Have More Good Days Than Bad

Not a cloud in the sky this morning

But Just Look At Yesterday Morning

Every Day Is Different

Keep Quitting

Keep Living

Quitting Smoking Now, May Just Lessen Your Regret

And Even Halt The Progression Of COPD

Before Damage Done Begins Exposing Itself.

Those Yellow Fingers May Just Be The Tip Of The Iceberg.

The one thing you can have control of in your life may be smoking

(unless you're a potentate or king of some dom.)  :-)

So, why are you giving up living for smoking?

You need not be choosing to do this.

Smoking is not required.

Your outlook determines your outcome.

Breakthroughs Not, Breakdowns.

      He worked at a paper I ran an ad in and as such was the first to see the ad in my search for an apprentice.


      In the first 2 years, he learned my way of doing things and more important the level of quality and results I expected.  He was sharp, always thinking, a body builder, and wanna be actor. Good heart. Didn't smoke or drink.


      After a couple years of working together, I sometimes had to meet with prospective clients,  stand an inspection at another job site, or get materials.


      After I had trained him I could turn him loose and had no problem letting him do it his way because he always achieved the results I expected.


      I try to lay out quitting in the same way for you as I taught him the building trades.  He got his general contractors license and went out on his own.


      We can get you started and walk you through the hardest part of quitting but our joy is when we know you're going to make it and we know it's okay to turn you loose.

Your Happiness Is Controlled By You.

"Smoking Makes Something, ANYTHING, Better."

Can Anyone Tell Me One Way Smoking Made Your Life Better?


So How Do You Break Away Forever?

You Replace The Memories

You Made Smoking

With Non-Smoking Ones

By Living Your Life

Without Smoking.

In Time,

The Thought

Of Consideration,

Walks Out The Door.

The Memories Of Smoking

Dwindle, And Distance Themselves.

You Realize, Smoking Made NOTHING BETTER.


You Don't Have To Hate Smoking To Unlearn It.

You Just Need To Understand What It Did And Did Not Do.


Stick in the mud:

Someone who allows enjoyable things to pass them by.

Someone who prefers to stick with what they're used to rather than a new adventure.

"Smokers don't get to smoke, they have to smoke."


Ever missed a concert, get together or some other event

because you knew you couldn't smoke?

I did, and more than a few times.

Now, there is virtually no place to smoke

in public where I live, except in your car.


If you're a slave to nicotine and smoking to get it

You're shunned by society and still you don't quit it

Are you such a rebel your life you wont save?

Take Heart, Wake Up, and Stop Being A Slave.


...have a great Sunday

Because You Can Rise Above It.

    Accept That You Have The Ability To Control Your Destiny

      When It Comes To Smoking And, You Will Succeed.

Quitting has it's ups and downs.

      Most quitters who quit for a month are up from doing it and have an excitement they were able to get that far. That excitement can dwindle the next few months.

      I was having a heck of a time around day 100.   I wondered if the physical need for nicotine would ever go away

      I was thinking, "if the physical need never goes away, what's the point?"

So, I did some research.

      10 Years ago around day I00, I found a medical study that said, people who went 16 weeks without smoking were in the best place to succeed. I also read the no mans land blog by Ron Maxey on the site I quit on and I was seeing all the people who quit the same time as I begin dropping like flies and disappearing off the site.

      I did learn the nicotine receptors normalize and do not require feeding for life.. Back then, the only information I could get was  "in the first year." Now, it's months. That knowledge was the logic I needed to stay with it..

On day 126, while driving to a jobsite I had smoked on months before, I reached for a ghost pack on my truck seat and I laughed. I knew I was done in that moment.

I'm asking you to aim for 4 months.

For some of you it may be a little longer but here's my point,


You can't make a year unless you make four months and once you've made four months, you should have more confidence in yourself that you don't need to smoke just because you have a thought of smoking.

      My dad took his car in this morning to get the airbag recall done. They ran errands with the other car and when they got home about noon, he said, "You may have to take me to get my car later." This was about 5 hours ago.

      The dealership is a long ways away and traffic is horrible that time of day and there's no easy back roads because everyone is already on them. Stoplights can take 3 or 4 times to get through and the freeway is stop and go.

      And, you know how those car guys never get things done until quitting time?


      So in the last few hours I've gone from "I wonder when they're going to call" to "I wish he'd just leave it there until tomorrow."

      Time was getting close to go pick up the car and within a few minutes, I had cleared all the angst away and put myself in a place where I was willingly and happily ready to do it.

      And then, he tells me they called and he's leaving it there until tomorrow.  :-)


      I tell you this because these are the kind of moods we put ourselves into and we have the ability to pull ourselves out of it, You Do. I Do, We Do... Get inside your own head and put yourself in a better place. It's yours to do.

"as the pigeon takes a step forward,

the head is temporarily left behind.

The next step jerks the head forward again,

and so on."

"the head is temporarily left behind."

Now That You Know How You're Supposed To Feel,

Do You Feel Better?


pigeons don't smoke but I've seen them picking butts.  :-)


21 Amazing Facts About Pigeons - PCRC 

They believe they need nicotine to survive.

Successful quitters learned that nicotine only holds us until we stop using it and our memories and emotions connected to our daily routine and years of smoking  are what really hold us close, what really grip us tight.


So how do you let go?

   The way to let go is to replace those connections with new memories that do not include smoking.


      Now that you know what keeps people from succeeding, what will you do with this epiphany?


It's up to you.

with a psycho.  :-)

It is us, your quit buddies. here to hold your hand

And Get You Over The Humps.




Settle down, you only need to deal with yourself.  :-)

You're just unlearning your routine and the

memories connected to it you that you made as a smoker.

Many here share things they don't share anywhere else.

They are heard and comforted.

As we face the emotions of others experience's, we begin thinking, "how would I feel, what would I do if I was in that situation?"

We are humbled when we realize how smooth our own lives are in comparison.

The community makes us think, helps us learn to feel again.

It's a big part of learning to live without smoking.


That's why it works.

Will that be your quit smoking legacy over and over as you go back to smoking?


Allow me to throw "the monkey wrench" into the works.

about this "want" thing: Want Is Unnecessary To Quit.

Want is most often a passing thought.

If we got everything we wanted, we'd all be dead of overindulgence.

take the voodoo out of it.

How about just deciding to quit and sticking it out with us?

How about celebrating each day you've been quit

and listening to us congratulate you and tell you it will get better?

We Ain't Lyin'

You Don't Have To Want To Quit But,

You Have To Decide To Quit,

And, Be Willing To Let It Happen.


Willingness, Not Willpower.

"Moving Away From What Has Been 

Extracting Ourselves From Our Smoking Routine

We're Changing What Our Brains Expect

The Sooner The Better And Hope We're Not Wrecked."


      Imagine you've entered a large building and  are opening a door to a large echoey pitch black room the size of a warehouse.It is storming and there is no electricity.  You've never been there before so you have no idea where obstacles might be placed  inside the room.



Good thing you brought a flashlight.  :-)


      When it's dark and I need to use the kitchen or the bathroom, I use the light from the room I'm leaving, to make a mental picture of my pathway before I step out.

Make A Mental Imprint Of A Future Without Smoking

      Use what you've learned that got you this far to keep going.

Celebrate your recognitions as you travel your path to success


If You're Always Forward Looking With Your Quit,

In Time, You Get Ahead Of It.

There are things a wolf looks at before it enters a new territory. They first determine their most vulnerable direction of attack and work

backward to the direction of least vulnerability. They do all this instantaneously.

It's called instinct.

The next time you go to a new place or a busy place,

catch yourself as you check out your surroundings. Think of this as you are walking through that crowd of people trying not to bump anyone on your way to your destination. Get the waitstaff to run interference.  :-)

We have the same instinct, though not as well honed as the wolf.

I believe our mind reads pictures in the same way. Our eye is drawn in different directions as we run through the scope and content of the picture

until we have formed our idea of what we've seen.

      See if the picture below leads your eye the same way as it lead mine?

First, the color of the flowers within the round hedges and shrubs. Second, the distance beyond the horses to gauge how big that fenced pasture area is for points of reference, Third, back to the horses and Fourth,  THE WHITE GATE.


Think of smoking like that white gate. You went in that gate and you need to come back out. The only way to do that is by unlearning your connections to smoking and then, you can walk out the gate.

The Only The Way Out Is Through.

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