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Have you ever in your life written a blank check or taken a loan with no stipulations, guaranteed to be paid by you?

I contend we did that with smoking.

I believe we each will pay in some ways.

Logic tells me the sooner a person quits, the less damage is done and the lower the loan payments will be.

It doesn't do it occasionally

Not once a week or bi-annually

It happens EVERY TIME someone smokes.


consideration is the spark of permission.

That's what each of us must learn for ourselves, in our own time

We can lead you to water but you have to drink it on your own.


Quitting  isn't denial.

Quitting isn't suffering.

There are things much worse than quitting WITH NO REWARD.


thinking differently

allowing it to happen.

growing a pride in your freedom.

Onward  and Upward

Solfeggio Healing Tones Generator | 


Click on the bar

Click on as many as you want.




What is it?

It's finding what makes you happy.

Perhaps quitting smoking will be the first opportunity to begin making yourself happy?

It's before 4am. I've been up an hour.

It's foggy out and pitch black and dogs are barking. The fog amplifies the sound and there are  more dogs starting up  across the canyon.


So I'm thinking, I wonder how I could shut them up?

I open the flap on Hoggie's door (it's about chest high) and I let it slap at the end of it's travel.

That got their attention. SILENCE

Then I let out a very low pitched extended mantra like Ahhh.

It was an almost inhuman sound a la foghorn.

Guess What? It shut them up.


Trying new things keeps life interesting.  :-)

And the point of this post is:

Try new things after you've quit. New things make it easier to embrace change, and, try the things we suggest when you  get a craving. 

I took these two pictures 20 minutes apart this morning.

The first was before the sun came up and is striking

compared to the flat tone of the second.

If you allow the time to distance yourself from smoking

you will succeed at quitting.

Stick With It For Brighter Dawns!

Can cost a lot of money.

We know how to help you quit smoking.

We've been through what you will go through.

We have the answers.


I took my camera and went to the beach today.

The first place I stopped I got drenched right after I took the picture of the pier. :-)

I went back to my truck and dried off my camera with the napkins for lunch as best I could  :-)

Then I drove South 9 miles to Tamarack Beach Bluffs where I felt it would be safer for my camera.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Notice the reflections in front of the wave of the surfers and the wave breaking.  I can't remember ever catching those in my prior pictures.

The picture below is looking South from where I stood to take the other pictures.

All the pictures below are from 200 to 300 Yards Away

      They just showed a clip of Houston Astros outfielder Springer's game ending, pennant winning, final catch, putting the Astros into the world series.

      Springer was waving his arms indicating "it was his."

What if he would have missed after exclaiming he had it?

      When a ball is dropping toward your glove you can create anxiety by focusing on "what if I drop the ball?" (which can lead to dropping the ball) OR you can keep your focus on the catch.

Overthinking and lack of focus has killed many quits.


      Many who come to the site often focus on "what if I fail?" instead of their quit and, the majority, will give in and go back.


      Every day isn't going to feel like a perfect day whether you smoke or have never smoked in your life.


Focus on the fact that, with time as your partnerthe further you distance yourself from your smoking routine and memories connected with it, the further away you are from it.



Believe It's Going To Get Better In Time, And It Will!

      I've found this to be true. Every song has a meter, a tempo,

a point where it's words best roll off your tongue.

A Quit Is Very Similar

      All you have to do is get started and find your groove.

I Could Smoke, Talk On The Phone And Drive At The Same Time.

How About You?

Didn't You Feel Like You Were

Wasting Your Time If You Weren't Smoking?

This Is Why You Have To Allow Yourself Enough Time To Unlearn It.

It Will Happen If You Will Allow It!


I Could Smoke While I was Driving. And It Was No Problem

Until The Cherry Fell In My Lap Or Blew Behind My Seat.


Holy Shirts Batman!


I Once Set A Couch On Fire....

Cherry Fell Into It. Couldn't Find It. Went To Bed.

We Were Asleep And Didn't Know Until The Fire Department Showed Up.

Did You Ever Have Any Close Calls?


Yes, Smoking. It's All Good Until Get Smoke Police Tickets.

Burn Your House Down,

OR, You Can't Breathe.… 


When All You Could Think About Was A Cigarette.


When You No Longer Think Of, Or, Consider Smoking..

If You Don't Believe Your Connections To Smoking Will Ever Lessen

They May Not AND,

Might You Just Be More Focused On Smoking Than Living?

Ironic Isn't It?

When You  Say You Want To Quit

But All You Choose To Think About Is Smoking?

Thinking That Way IS A CHOICE.

It's The Same Choice As Not Smoking, BUT IN REVERSE,

And, It Nearly Always Leads To Failure.

Get Busy. Disrupt And Relearn Your Smoking Routine.

What Is Your Choice?

Can Lead To Reckless Judgement And Risky Situations


If Used Correctly, Leads To Success.

But Freedom Is Your Reward

We know how we like a hot dog.

We know how we like our coffee that is perfect for us.

      Does it matter if there's a dent in my car or it gets washed twice a year?  No.

      You find what gives you comfort. I enjoy Hoggie more than the cardboard scraps all over the place from his scratcher or him waking me or the occasional hairball on the floor. My carpet isn't as important as the comfort he gives me.


      Smoking was a part of me for 40 years. Truth is, I never thought too much about that.  I don't believe it ever made me emotionally happy.

It just was. I honestly don't miss smoking in the least.


No reason to cling to things that don't make you happy or don't contribute to your comfort.


How do you like your hot dog?

And your coffee?

It Is Achieved Gradually.

      99.9% Of Quitters Don't Just Put Them Down With No Mental Preparation.

That Doesn't Mean Someone Can't Quit The First Time. Many Here Have.

They Had The Knowledge And They Applied It In Their Own Way.

      Seed Ideas Are Where My Songs Come From. They Don't Have To Be Conscious.

      My Quit Started With Me Knowing Nothing But I Have An Intuition About Solutions.

      You Have To Pare It Down Into Bites Like Skygirl's Blog A Week Or So Ago.

      All I Did Was Say "I'm Going To Wait A Little Longer" When I Got The Urge To Smoke.

That Isn't Complex Is It?

The Unthinking Act Is Replaced By The Thinking Act.

You Get Off Autopilot Painlessly. In Doing So Your Routine Has Changed And Your Number Of Smokes Per Day Goes Down.

No Counting. No Pain.

      After 4 Weeks I Was Down To 5 A Day Without One Negative Thought About Stopping

      I Was Ready.

      I Had Never Set A Date To Stop.

I Bought My Last Pack On A Friday And Decided I'd Quit The Following Tuesday.


And So It Was.   :-)


      After You've Started Your Quit. Step Back When You Get A Crave. Be The Third Person Referee.

      I've Documented The Seed Ideas Based On What I've Seen, Heard And Learned From The Beginning.



Surefire Stubborn Crave Busters

Try Biting Into A Lemon Skin And All.

Try Sticking Your Head In The Freezer And Counting Backwards From 20.

When we've reached our genuine self, there is no pretense.

You say what you're thinking without worrying about who's listening.

As a smoker we can sometimes become a politician until we get our cigarette.

(to the point of not listening.)  :-)

aging...aging...learning what's important

years later:

A turn in front of the mirror helps us realize we no longer need vanity.

It is at that point, we have arrived.

We aren't competing for a job or someone's affection.

We are "self validating."

We are who we are, hopefully, well tempered by time,

we believe we have most of life's workarounds handled.

Part of quitting forever is learning to face our emotions.

I think that is also part of losing a quit. 

As time passes we grow in acceptance and realize


If you're my age, you've been to the real circus more than once, with peanuts.

Wasn't that an experience?


So where can that vanity go? I say give it to the young.

They may feel they need it to compete. We are free.

Onward and Upward!

A Lot Of Things Are Bad For Me, Especially me

I make too many choices and they aren't always free

I didn't want to smoke for an eternity

So I turned my thoughts around and found

the me that was me.

Consider What It Might Be Like To Inhale These Bugs..


Please! Don't Try This At Home.  :-)


Promises And Plans Must Be Put Into Action Or Else They Are Useless.

You can have some mighty strange thoughts in the beginning of a quit. Fortunately, I never had this one. 



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