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To B**** And Moan

And Gripe And Groan

Will Help You Not

Achieve Your Goal.

Your Minds Lips Flap

And Build The Crap

Convincing You

 You Can't Break Through.

Say "I Don't Do That Anymore"

And Leave That Bull**** At The Door.

It Doesn't Help, It Hurts Your Cause

I Got It Straight From Santa Claus.

But How Do You Like Your Baked Potato?

I like to bake it: :-)

But then I like to mash it

and butter it, then, and only then, will I season it.

      Then, I put a big dollop of sour cream on top and I mix the sour cream and potato with my tongue to make sure the taste buds are hitting on all 12 cylinders and I'm getting exactly the taste I expected.

   Then, I'm too full to eat those Brussel sprouts.

Bet I made everyone want a baked potato.   :-)

      My belief is there are only two reasons people lose their quits.

The first is emotions (anger, fear, grief but also including anxiety, depression. etc.) and, the second is losing the ability to be responsible via drinking or drugs.

We must traverse the following crossroads without smoking to be free.






Here's the thing. Quitting shouldn't be something you're against.

Break it down. It's a ritual tied to a drug. I believe it's easier to get rid of the physical addiction first and then unlearn the psychological connection long term.                                             Keep It Simple.

The Only Way Out Is Through





Just what is your end goal?

Feel No Pressure Please. That Isn't What The Question Is About.

Simply, what would be the freedom you choose?

Is it strictly less harm?


Is it not having to smoke every time you think of it?

I never realized anything about my need to smoke or

what I gave up to go smoke while I was a smoker,

Did you? It's not like I was in denial, I was in acceptance.


So, what are you looking for?


Plenty of people will just choose to vape.

That's a choice and it's okay for someone who has no idea how much

of themselves they devote in time and money to smoke,

and simply don't want to know.


Is it the nicotine or the habit that holds you?

Some will choose to make nicotine replacement their quit and continue

putting out money to feed that addiction.

We all know when things get tight, we addicts

always find a way to get our drug.


Some people want to be totally free.

They don't ever want to think about smoking again and,

they don't want to feed a nicotine addiction.

That's what I call TOTAL FREEDOM, but, it takes time to

unlearn the connections to the memories you made

while a smoker. I believe they're all rolling around in our cabesas.



The unlearning process doesn't have to be a war with yourself.

How do you overcome the battle?


You have to think. That is the secret to success.

When you first start your quit you have set your boundaries but you must 

be willing to reset them as you grow in knowledge.


That NRT isn't all of a sudden going to stop you from thinking

about something you did 20 times a day for 40 years.

That is not how it works. It's to take the edge off only.

Now, if you have your thinking cap on, you should realize that

using the NRT every time you would have smoked

is locking you into the same addiction cycle.


My suggestion with the NRT is to test yourself.


If you forget to use your NRT, don't panic, Just see how you do.

There's no pressure or timetable to stop using them. 

Getting yourself off auto pilot is paramount.

Using something for 6 months or longer is no guarantee of anything.



Test yourself. The worst thing that can happen is you slap a

patch on or use whatever other NRT you were using.

What have you got to lose?

This is a WIN WIN proposition.


You Can't Eat Them

Without Teeth

You're In Control, Not A Butt!



I'm Back

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Sep 15, 2017

I need to rest the remainder of the day. They put me fully under and intubate me because of my sleep apnea and I'm allergic to Succ's so what they give me takes longer to come out of.



I made and had a cup of my instant mashed potato and deviled ham gruel. (semi-liquid diet) Having a small cup of flan.


Here's the good news.

My doctor said my case is their most successful case at UC San Diego Medical Centers ever.

I still have to go back a couple more times but originally HE WANTED TO CUT OUT MY ESOPHAGUS.


Thank you for your thoughts and well wishes earlier this morning.  :-)





Relaxing muscles during surgery or when using a breathing machine (ventilator). It is also used to induce anesthesia or when a tube must be inserted in the windpipe. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Succinylcholine is a depolarizing muscle relaxant.  (It paralyzes you so you can't move while they insert the breathing tube.)

Door Number One?

Door Number Two?


Door Number Three?

There May Be Additional Days Of And, A Better Quality Of Life For Those Choosing Door #2.


I have another ablation this morning. (they burn bad cells in my esophagus from the inside out.)

Have a great Friday. TTYL.

I'll Be Taking The Long Way home

Take the Long Way Home - Written and Composed by Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) - YouTube 

How was your meal?


I'd like to hear

to know how you feel?

You're missing your smoke, eh?

So what will you do?


I do not see

a ba-na-na peel

Slips are excuses

Not fruit under heel.


One fortune fits all, though

Can't stress it enough

Don't go and smoke

Restarts can be tough. 


      Some people say to ride them like a wave. Some people fight their way through.


      If you would look at a craving from an outside persons point of view, you can remove yourself from the middle of the storm and learn what created and drove it.


   This understanding often allows you to simply bypass this bump the next time it appears.  "Oh yeah, I've dealt with this trigger before. Next?"


Ask yourself some questions when you gat a crave.


What made me think of smoking right now?

Was it the task I was doing?

Was it the reward after the task I was expecting?

Was it an emotion I've tied to smoking?


      As you pinpoint the causes, it becomes easier and easier to build your non smoking experiences into a stronger quit.


   Yes, I realize many are instructed try to pinpoint their triggers/reasons for smoking or wanting to smoke before they quit but, you'll find you need to continue learning after you've quit until you are comfortable and have let smoking go.

Don't project tomorrow as the same.


Expect tomorrow as a better day.

We listened to the wrong messages and created

a fear of failure that paralyzed our ability to reason.

If you continue to listen to that self messaging of

how difficult it is to quit, you won't.

You have to turn off your own brainwashing to succeed.

You have to believe it gets better and it will.

Start telling yourself it will get better

instead of spreading the negative in your own head.



Dang this is long!

      My bed is sliding and I want to teach it how to quit.

      I had to elevate my bed for acid reflux. It's 8 inches higher at the head of the bed.

      That makes the top of the mattress 36 inches high at the head of the bed.  That means I can't just sit down and then swing my legs onto the bed as my bed is higher than my butt. You have to sort of assume the pole vaulters position. (you know the one where they are trying to not hit the bar with their shoulders) and throw yourself on the bed.

      You've probably heard for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

      My mattress slides off the box springs every time I get on the bed.

The corner diagonal to top outer corner of the bed is trapped by a cabinet that is screwed to the wall.  It can't slide down so it makes the top corner push out.

      I need a solution.

      I thought if I could put L shape with the bottom leg trapped under the box springs and the vertical leg projecting up beyond the box springs trapping the mattress, that it might solve the problem.

I began my search for such a piece of hardware.

I was a contractor so I had a good idea where to start.

I knew the steel would have to be 1/4 inch thick so it didn't just move out when I got on the bed and eventually weaken the point where the two legs meet.



      This planning takes some effort. I started sending emails to the company that manufactures hardware that I used to use to see if they had anything that might work. After 4 back and forth's I realized I wasn't going to get anywhere without paying an exorbitant price for one piece of hardware.

I continued searching (time is the healer)

I found what I needed on Etsy. There's a guy in Illinois who makes 1/4" thick steel shelf brackets. What I needed was under $12. I asked him how much more it would take to extend the bottom leg of the L from 8 inches to 12 inches. He said $1.

      Now I know I've made it through No Mans Land but I still hadn't figured out how I would attach it to anything.

      This stage is like those unexpected loss of a friend or pet or a family fight during your first two years.

      I had thought I could use tiny C clamps to secure the L to the bed frame somehow and the bottom leg would be trapped under the wood frame at the head of the box springs. I also thought It could sit atop the steel bed frame cross member, but, that would make it too low down the side and I would constantly be hitting the clamps with my leg.

      I hadn't even looked at the conditions where I intended to place it. I had an idea what it would be but it turned out to be the opposite of what I imagined. Another unexpected stumbling block? No, fortunately, the frame being closed instead of open will work to my advantage. (see inside the blue circle)

      Here's what I came up with. (The red are stacked washers to let my L clear and sit atop the frame)

The end of the wood trapped under the frame will push against the inside of the bed frame keeping the L from moving.


      So, is this the end of it? Do I need to be vigilant? What else could happen? The only thing I can guess is the single clamps that hold the arms and connect the two long sides of the bed frame might start coming loose. Solution? Add more clamps.


   If you think about it, every problem we face in life

is similar to quitting smoking when you break it down.    

You Have Everything You Need To Quit

between your ears.


That's what I ordered

Ask Anyone Who Has Quit For Years That Didn't Cling To Smoking.

Clinging To Smoking Is A Choice. It Is Not Required, And,

It Is Not Freedom.


It Still Has A Hold On Those Who Cling To It.

It's Always Picking At Them, The Resentment That They Quit Smoking.

WHY Would Anyone Choose This??


What Will You Choose?

To blame smoking on anything but you.

Gets you nowhere.

Smoking is a choice and,

 You're in the drivers seat.

It's A National Day Of Prayer Tomorrow

When You Do Things Out Of Love,

You Don't Notice How Long It Takes

Because  Your Goal Is The Task.

Love Yourself Enough

To Stop Smoking,

No Matter How Long It Takes.

If 6% Make It A Year What's Going On With The Other 94%?

I believe the problem may be they don't know what to expect and, they haven't spent the time to learn what to expect so, they do what they've done every other time they've quit and then, give up.

They flounder. They do it again. And, do it again.


I don't want to bring up the Einstein quote but it's the gist of what I wrote above.


The following link and 2 links contained within it explain what to expect from the first week through the first two years.

What To Expect In The First Four Months 




Take The Responsibility To

Learn What You're Up Against

And Move Forward.

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