You Can't Plan For Everything

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 21, 2017

You can however, think through most situations you will experience before you quit by asking yourself, "how will I handle this situation after I quit smoking?"


      I'm a big planner. I would spend the time to do an accurate bid for every job. I got a big job in 1999. The king post that supported the weight where all the 2nd floor roofs converged had to be posted to grade.

      This was a remodel. This problem was located in the middle of the house.

The plans called for a 3 foot by 3 foot by 18 inch thick pad. Normally, we could have left the floor and just formed and poured beneath and then cut a hole where the post went through but we had to open the existing floors after we discovered the area consisted of loose rubble. The engineer required us to get down to solid undisturbed earth. By the time we got to solid ground, we had hand dug a square pit 12 feet in depth and 4 feet square in order to shore it up as we dug it. It took a week for three people to dig it, an $850 rebar cage had to be fabricated and, an it took an entire 10 yard truck of concrete to fill it.

(that's 270 cubic feet vs the original 13.5 cubic feet)


Obviously this was an unknown, unpredictable condition.


There are so many situations that need not be

unexpected if you'll mentally go through them before you quit.

Start thinking ahead before you quit.

Start asking yourself what you will do in each situation.


Plan everything you can and come here when

you need to be talked through the rough spots.