Believe It

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 10, 2017

      I think we all have a touch of it.

      We all would like to think it's the other guy that caused us to fail. I know I do occasionally but then I  take the emotion out of it and analyze exactly what happened before I place or accept blame. Some people have less than honorable intentions and desire to force a certain outcome. (predator or prey.)

      When people quit smoking many often blame everything that's going bad in their life on quitting smoking. Every illness immediately after quitting becomes quitting related. Every bad choice made is magnified

because they still believe in smoking.


They still believe in smoking. Did you read that?

Well it's true. We've come to expect that bump up and it's difficult to believe we can live without it.


Once those nicotine receptors are desensitized your system will again create dopamine from natural highs such as Thoughts, Situations, Experiences

Without the thought of a cigarette.

Believe It