The need for nicotine is constant, not occasional.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 1, 2017

But only while you are still using it.

      If you have not had nicotine in your system for months and then believe you need nicotine occasionally to stay quit, you've sort of missed the point and placed your faith in it instead of yourself.

      Nicotine does not bring someone back to smoking who hasn't been using it for  months. It is simply not logical. It makes no sense. Why? Because once the receptors normalize, your body no longer needs nicotine. It's brainwashing to think something can keep you quit other than yourself. All too often people

have put their faith in the drug and lose sight of what they accepted and what they missed. What was it they missed? The other choice.


Memories connected to the ritual of smoking are what bring people back.

Going back to using nicotine Only Gets You Closer To Smoking.

Nicotine only holds you until you stop using it.

Allow the time for those receptors to normalize and your pleasure center to reset.