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The Nicodemon Is You.

What Message Are You Sending Yourself?

Your inner voice is what you listen to when you quit smoking.

You control that voice with your thoughts.

You give those thoughts words.

Stop romancing smoking with your thoughts and words.

Stop telling yourself you want to smoke.

That keeps you stuck in neutral or throws you in reverse.

Quitting smoking is so much easier when you are not working against yourself.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Aug 28, 2017

      When I was on tour right out of high school, they put two of us in a room and rotated the schedule weekly.

      There was one guy that nobody could stand. No one wanted to have anything to do with him let alone share a space for a week.


He Was A Whiner. He Whined About Everything.

The End Of Every Sentence Was A Whine.


      When it came time for us to room together, we were in Manila.

      After about two days of this I told him, we needed to talk. And we sat down and I asked him if he knew why people avoided him?


      I explained that everything he said was said in a whine.


      You know what? He never whined again and everyone liked him because of it.

      That honesty CHANGED HIS LIFE.

      He is a very successful and happy person in Los Angeles.


      If You Can Be This Honest With Yourself, You Will Succeed.

      They are trapped in their house. The water is 1/3 up their driveway. They have sick pets.

      They moved the valuables upstairs, raised the furniture legs downstairs, they've done all they can but they are concerned.

      There has never been flooding in their area during other emergencies and they are scared.


      Please lift them up with your prayer and good thoughts.


thank you

And What Do You Think Will Happen If You Don't?

Will You Pretend You've Never Heard Smoking Is Bad For Your Health?

So, What Is Your Choice?

      I've given out almost 10,000 points in the past couple days but people say they haven't received them.     

      I find it interesting that when you give someone points, it comes out of your account immediately but they don't get the points until   ???

      And then I realized that my bank does the same thing.

      When I get my deposit I make a balance transfer to my other account and it takes FOUR DAYS.

      So, "Time is the Stealer."

      This is the bank of jive and,

  all is well.

Smokers Often Ignore The Truth

That Smoking Does Damage

Until It Has.

Keep Your Quit On Solid Ground

We're Going To Help Get Boxes  Down From The High Shelves

Of The Garage At Stepmom's Place And Measure A Gate Opening To See

If There's Anything Solid To Attach A Gate To Beneath The Stucco.

(The Wall Moves Slightly When I Lean On It. That's Not A Good Sign.) 


Suffer Diligently Or Have A Great Morning,

It's Your Day And, Your Choice.


And, It Never Will.


You Will Be Learning to Stand Up For Yourself,

Without A Cigarette.

We Are Here To Help.


Quitting smoking may be the most powerful boost of courage and self worth to live life more fully and make different choices you will ever gain.


         As you learn what smoking is not, you'll grow happier to step away.


Open yourself to these changes. That's what you're seeking.


      This isn't going wildly off the deep end, this is looking at yourself, perhaps more deeply than ever before and being yourself.

Being yourself without thinking of or scurrying off to smoke.


How great is that?

You can however, think through most situations you will experience before you quit by asking yourself, "how will I handle this situation after I quit smoking?"


      I'm a big planner. I would spend the time to do an accurate bid for every job. I got a big job in 1999. The king post that supported the weight where all the 2nd floor roofs converged had to be posted to grade.

      This was a remodel. This problem was located in the middle of the house.

The plans called for a 3 foot by 3 foot by 18 inch thick pad. Normally, we could have left the floor and just formed and poured beneath and then cut a hole where the post went through but we had to open the existing floors after we discovered the area consisted of loose rubble. The engineer required us to get down to solid undisturbed earth. By the time we got to solid ground, we had hand dug a square pit 12 feet in depth and 4 feet square in order to shore it up as we dug it. It took a week for three people to dig it, an $850 rebar cage had to be fabricated and, an it took an entire 10 yard truck of concrete to fill it.

(that's 270 cubic feet vs the original 13.5 cubic feet)


Obviously this was an unknown, unpredictable condition.


There are so many situations that need not be

unexpected if you'll mentally go through them before you quit.

Start thinking ahead before you quit.

Start asking yourself what you will do in each situation.


Plan everything you can and come here when

you need to be talked through the rough spots.

That's how most quits fail whether people were drinking or not.

Telling Yourself You Need A Smoke Is Thought Going The Wrong Direction.

Don't Talk Yourself Into Smoking.


Say "I don't do that anymore" instead.

Don't go back.

Smoking Is The Last Thing On Your Mind.

      The toilet supply valve handle got broken off last night and flooded the bathroom.

      One person was trying to hold it in while the other was trying to duct tape it.

      The water was finally turned off and I was able to remove the valve. Unfortunately, I don't own  a puller and the brass ferrule that compresses the shutoff to the copper pipe was stuck. I was hoping the new shutoff valve would work with the old nut trapped on the pipe. Someone went to the hardware store for the valve and a new supply line while I prepared for their return.

      I was able to get it started but, it sure didn't want to stop spinning on the pipe meaning there was no seal.

      I kept at it, and kept at it, and kept at it, until it stopped moving and made the seal.

Your quit requires you keep at it until you "make the seal."

It's not like you're trapped working in a foot of space between a bathtub and a toilet while trying to use two wrenches at the same time. :-)

Trust Yourself.

You Are The Only One Who Can Make You Smoke.

I Ran Across This Yesterday.

Thought It Was Amazing.

50 Feet Tall. Stainless Steel.

What's Your Guess?

Smoking is a choice.

YOU are in control of that choice

Whether you are quit a week, a month, or 10 years.

Do you think I don't know if I smoked I would begin smoking again?

It's not a battle to not smoke, it's a choice.

The permission ALWAYS precedes the puff.

      I lost my mom in 1999. I still have my dad. I see him often. Had I not moved back to Oceanside in 2011, I would not have this much time with him. He is now 90. He had cancer when he was 28?. No recurrence. He was a carpenter. He plays the harmonica by ear and well.  I learned much from him both in character and skills..

      He is still as active as a 40 year old. Sometimes he overestimates his own strength. :-)  He still takes hot meals to shut ins every Monday. He goes to church every Sunday and has always been an honorable, even tempered man because of that relationship. Always walked the talk.

      He is a calming influence in many lives. Yes, he gets frustrated  as we all do. We're human.

      I'm glad he was never a serious smoker. He liked to smoke a pipe but gave that up as we came of influential age so he didn't give us an excuse to smoke.

Never judgemental. He is one of the biggest blessings in my life.

Stick With It,

Be Patient,

And See....

Give us the chance to talk you down and keep you on track before you

go to the store or load one between your fingers and fire it.

      The thing I find lacking on quit smoking websites is something in the way of things to look for. Oh there's lots of facts and figures but where's the hope? Our Interaction here is hope but, how can you have proof of your hope if you don't know what to look for?


      This is why I talk about the first 4 months. This is the pivotal time when I've seen most people disappear. If you've had prior quits, think back to when you gave up and went back to smoking?


      Milestones are your hope and, if you don't look for them and just trudge through you might not appreciate them fully or miss them altogether.

      They are the fuel for the next step.

      I'm going to list a few. If you think of others, please respond.

1. Getting through the first month. Most people feel exalted that they've made it that far. Some, OVER exalted. Don't get overconfident but appreciate this accomplishment. It is a big one.  It is your preparation for the second step.


      That first month is your first skin in the game.

The next three or four months cement your commitment.

2. That first day you realize you didn't think of smoking once the day before.

3. After you reach the second plateau and really truly understand

    you don't NEED smoking even though you thought of it.

That's when you're out of no mans land.

4. Those next two years

      You're going to have some tough experiences the first two years. Things that will shake you profoundly, Death, Loss, Deceit, Unfaithfulness. These are the tough parts of life we have to get through without smoking.


Relapse rates drop to 2-4% at two years. That's the kind of statistic I look for.


Be Positive.

If you can get through a day, you can do a week, and a month and a year.

Look for what you want. This is your time to find it.

How do you visualize your future?

Like This?

Or This?


Believe It

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Aug 10, 2017

      I think we all have a touch of it.

      We all would like to think it's the other guy that caused us to fail. I know I do occasionally but then I  take the emotion out of it and analyze exactly what happened before I place or accept blame. Some people have less than honorable intentions and desire to force a certain outcome. (predator or prey.)

      When people quit smoking many often blame everything that's going bad in their life on quitting smoking. Every illness immediately after quitting becomes quitting related. Every bad choice made is magnified

because they still believe in smoking.


They still believe in smoking. Did you read that?

Well it's true. We've come to expect that bump up and it's difficult to believe we can live without it.


Once those nicotine receptors are desensitized your system will again create dopamine from natural highs such as Thoughts, Situations, Experiences

Without the thought of a cigarette.

Believe It

It's Best To Grow Your Sense Of Humor.

Why does it take so long to eat coleslaw?

And why do I want to spit it out at the end?

It's dang hot out there (not so much in here)

They went for a drive and brought me back a GIANT Slurpee!

completely unaware that it would tie my stomach in knots and probably KILL ME.

(I'm diabetic)


You new quitters:

If you're out there and your friends offer you a cigarette?



I'm not having that slurpee because I KNOW BETTER.

If you have that one cigarette we both know you'll be right back in the pit.



Nicotine Gum

Ice Water & Jolly Ranchers

Whole Lemon

Peace I've Found.

This Is Not A Slip!

This Is Called An Accident.

A Slip Is A Decision, NOT An Accident.

Don't Confuse The Two. :-)

And the permission is ALWAYS BEFORE THE PUFF.

Willingness, Remember?

You Need Not Look At This As Some Awful Task.

All You're Doing Is Unlearning Smoking.

There Is No Nicodemon.

Stop Undermining Your Belief In Yourself.

This Is Unlearning Something You've Done For A Long Time.

Don't Try To Turn It Into A Mountain

Unless, It's A Mountain Of Acceptance


A Sky Full Of Willingness To Allow Enough Time.

Statistics show that relapse rates drop to 2-4% at two years.


How many years did you smoke?

It was 40 years for me so 1/20th of my time as a smoker to get to that two year mark.

What other investment pays off at 20 To 1.

What I'm saying is, you spent a lot more time as a smoker

than you will letting smoking go.

Be willing.

Of Course You Want A Cigarette. Of Course You Don't Want To Ruin Your Quit!


Spin Like A Top

But only while you are still using it.

      If you have not had nicotine in your system for months and then believe you need nicotine occasionally to stay quit, you've sort of missed the point and placed your faith in it instead of yourself.

      Nicotine does not bring someone back to smoking who hasn't been using it for  months. It is simply not logical. It makes no sense. Why? Because once the receptors normalize, your body no longer needs nicotine. It's brainwashing to think something can keep you quit other than yourself. All too often people

have put their faith in the drug and lose sight of what they accepted and what they missed. What was it they missed? The other choice.


Memories connected to the ritual of smoking are what bring people back.

Going back to using nicotine Only Gets You Closer To Smoking.

Nicotine only holds you until you stop using it.

Allow the time for those receptors to normalize and your pleasure center to reset.

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