What Changed If You've Been Quit For A Week And Then You Smoke?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jun 19, 2017

What about if you've been quit a month? How about a year? 5 Years?

The answer is the same no matter how long your were quit.

Your thinking changed.

You changed your focus to smoking.

When you change your focus to smoking you begin considering it.

Nothing makes you smoke except your own thoughts. NOTHING.

If you are just beginning

Use each day you've quit as proof you can do it and build on them.

      Here are 2 simple steps to get you on track

ONE  Say "I don't do that anymore" when you think of smoking. Do it every time.

You will be amazed how fast this will retrain those wandering thoughts.

After you've done this for a week each time you think of smoking you will find that phrase will come to you instead.

TWO  Once you retrain your wandering mind to accept quitting (using step one)  you can begin relearning life without smoking. If you change your routines slightly it will make not smoking considerably less stressful.

      Obsessive thinking about smoking or not smoking only creates angst.

Quitting isn't about that.

It's about living.