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Nuff Said?

They are both uncomfortable and frustrating.

You can get some relief from Arthritis but

quitting smoking is an all or nothing decision

because, you are either smoking or you are not.

Time Is The Healer

Scientists Selectively Erased Memories In Snails — Are We Next? 

WOW~What if, you could erase the connections to smoking?

      I don't think it's possible.

We had a lot of thoughts running through our heads

during the times we were smoking.

I think it's much too complicated to erase all those

and not leave big voids in our memories.

But have hope,


and, birds know it and use the fiber in their nests. 


Bad Butts Good Except

“The butts cause [genetic] damage to finches by interfering with cell division, which we assessed by looking at their red blood cells."

“I think the anti-parasite effects the cigarette butts provide must outweigh any negative problems they cause,” says Portugal. “Alternatively, the genotoxic effects take longer to manifest, and the adult birds aren’t aware of any problem.”

It would be 2 pages long.

self communication



change routine


the time to change

allowing the change



Keep It Simple Stupid

Luck is not responsible

God is not responsible

Your partner is not responsible

Your neighbor is not responsible

I am not responsible

Nicotine replacement is not responsible

Hope is not responsible


Until you understand that, you will most likely fail over and over again.

That, Is When You're Out Of No Mans Land.

You can't get there if you won't allow it.

If you are fighting yourself, you may never get there.


I Knew It On Day 126. I was driving up a hill I had driven many times as a smoker and I reached for a ghost pack on my truck seat Something Clicked. I laughed about it in that moment but, that moment was when I knew I was free.

Forget About The Average Projected Time Factor For A Moment.

Of Course You'll Still Have Memories, Of Course You Will Have Momentary Thoughts Of Past Connections When You Were A Smoker.


When You're Out Of No Mans Land

The Consideration Is Gone.

Give Yourself That Chance. That Chance To Be Free.

We Don't Pay A Price For Bad Choices We Make?

      Be it smoking, choosing a partner, going out in a lightning storm with a 10 foot metal pole, or, for me, eating pizza at 6pm.

      I paid the price last night. I didn't overeat but that pizza gave me a big problem.

      I woke about 11:30 with acid in my throat and it felt like some went into the entrance to my lungs. I could barely catch my breath from the burning.

I was afraid to go back to sleep and stayed propped up for hours.


  Smoking has consequences. Acid reflux can be one of them.

Make the right choices now or compound your health problems later.

      I'm sure there are some of you who get tired of my writing. I write for new quitters. I write for those who "don't get it."

      I don't look for responses. I'm here to make points, not earn points.

If I'm boring you, forgive me.

      My whole message is

"It's not as complicated as you want to make it."

I believe many people consciously or unconsciously make quitting complicated because it becomes easier to excuse themselves if they can claim they don't understand.

Don't ignore the truths.

The coddling is for others to provide.

I'm trying to reach that new person with concepts and solutions and the one's who haven't got it before they slip off the radar.

The more you repeat something to yourself

The stronger, more important and believable it becomes.
If you keep telling yourself you need a smoke

You will smoke.

Don't do that to yourselves.

You are worth more than talking yourself into smoking.

What about if you've been quit a month? How about a year? 5 Years?

The answer is the same no matter how long your were quit.

Your thinking changed.

You changed your focus to smoking.

When you change your focus to smoking you begin considering it.

Nothing makes you smoke except your own thoughts. NOTHING.

If you are just beginning

Use each day you've quit as proof you can do it and build on them.

      Here are 2 simple steps to get you on track

ONE  Say "I don't do that anymore" when you think of smoking. Do it every time.

You will be amazed how fast this will retrain those wandering thoughts.

After you've done this for a week each time you think of smoking you will find that phrase will come to you instead.

TWO  Once you retrain your wandering mind to accept quitting (using step one)  you can begin relearning life without smoking. If you change your routines slightly it will make not smoking considerably less stressful.

      Obsessive thinking about smoking or not smoking only creates angst.

Quitting isn't about that.

It's about living.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 15, 2017

I've got some broccoli to sell you.

Nicotine is not the biggest problem of quitting unless you give it that power.

If you do that, you will become psychologically addicted to the physical addiction in the same way you were when you were smoking.


If you would take that faith in nicotine and put it into broccoli you can WILL be more successful in the long term, AND YOU'LL BE FREE!


                The End

Considering it is the danger.

If you think ahead and learn along the way,

you will have much less chance

of being taken down by your emotions


putting yourself in risky situations.

Onward and Upward!



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Jun 9, 2017

Became Second Nudist  Nature Like Many Things In Our Lives.

It Was Something We Learned.

I was craving a steak this morning. I have to eat my heaviest meal in the morning due to my acid reflux problem.

As I cut off a bite and put it into my mouth,

I knew exactly where the fat was and was able to

separate it from the meat with my tongue.

Tasks like that are second nature. 

We learn many such things as we develop,

Now we have to unlearn smoking.

Get To It!

Time is the Healer

Emotions Are Your Quits Enemy Because,

they constantly remind you of

how you handled them for years,


The repetition connected to emotions and circumstances

is what you have to break.


You do it by THINKING before REACTING.

It's a big change from automatically smoking but,



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