The ONLY Way To Succeed At Quitting Is

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 25, 2017

To Decide

      You Can Say You Want It, You Can Blame Everything Else But Yourself For Wanting To Smoke After You've Quit.  You Can Build Up Your Willpower, and You Can Talk A Talk But, If It Becomes The Wrong Talk:

      Just Where Is "Oh I Can Have Just One" Leading You?

Those Thoughts Show Indecision.

Indecision Leads To Action

Those Thoughts Don't Appear If You Have Decided.

I Never Once These Past 10 Years Thought, "Oh, I Can Have Just One."

There Was No Denial. Quitting Smoking For So Many Is About Denying Yourself And That's A Damn Negative Thought

      The Choice To See Quitting With That Viewpoint, Is The Quitters Choice.

No One Else Makes That Choice For You.

      The Happiest Quitters I've Seen Over The Past 10 Years

Weren't Denying Themselves Anything By Not Smoking.