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Life is a struggle and you can lose it

Learn how to juggle and you can use it

When your heart's in trouble and you must choose it

Hold onto life!


My brother Ken authored it.

      I'm trying to find a recording of it because it always touched the core of where our emotions are developed and formed by our experiences.

(If I can find it and he agrees, I will post the song.)


      One of the things you will find as a non smoker is the beginning of connection to your emotions.

We tended to put them in the corner and smoke over them.

You can finally find the part of you you like.

(If you look)

      I would want to have an understanding of the process from experienced smokers who have already succeeded.

      I would want to know what to expect in some kind of time frame and when I might expect things would get better and how to break the biggest cravings.

      I would want to know what makes people fail and when most people give up.

      I would want to study different aids to decide if I wanted to use one and any pitfalls associated with each.

      I would want to know when I might begin to breathe a sigh of relief based upon statistics.


Have I missed anything?




P.S. My mom never smoked. She heard it and passed it on.

What you hear makes a big impression.

      This is not a condemnation of NRT's. I am only suggesting if you use them, you are aware of the following.


      First, many people get more nicotine with the NRT than they got from smoking.

      Why? Because they don't know how much nicotine they were getting as a smoker.

      The answer is 1 cigarette delivered 1mg of nicotine so if a piece of gum has 4mg, you are getting the same nicotine as 4 cigarettes.

      If you are trying to break a nicotine addiction, it makes no sense to be using double the nicotine.


      Second, if you self dose every time you get an urge to smoke, you are reinforcing the reward cycle of addiction as if you were smoking. If you vape you are also reinforcing the hand to mouth and inhale ritual of smoking.


      Third, an NRT does not stop you from thinking of smoking. You will have just as many thoughts of smoking.

      So, if you are having just as many thoughts of smoking and popping a lozenge or a piece of gum each time,



NOW you are psychologically addicted to the NRT

just like you were to smoking.


For these reasons my suggested NRT is THE PATCH.

You don't control the dose so you are less likely to become either physically or psychologically addicted.

      I bought some half and half for my coffee only a few days ago. It's dated 4-26 and, I noticed it curdled in my coffee ever so little yesterday morning. I guess I was hoping it would fix itself overnight, but, it didn't.

      I hated to throw it away and figured if I could cook it, it would halt the spoilage and I could rescue it.

Ah Ha!

      Sausage and gravy with those biscuits that have been sitting in the refrigerator a month.

      I put the roll of sausage in a microwave cooking dish and covered it with plastic wrap. Set the power level for 50% for 14 minutes. When it was done and I looked inside, the plastic wrap had melted and my microwave was covered in grease.

(Cleaning microwave later today, Accepted and moving on.)

      Next, I put some flour in a jar with half and half to shake to mix. No problem there

      I then put the sausage into a gallon microwave receptacle and added the flour cream mix and another cup of half and half and cooked it in the microwave for 3 minutes, whisked, added salt and pepper, whisk.

      I cooked it for another 3 minutes on high.

      I pulled it out to inspect and whisk.


      I set my oven at 400, put those biscuits in the pan touching as directed, they finish and I break them up over a bowl and pour a good amount of the gravy over them and sit down to enjoy.

      The sausage was bad. Honest. I bought it frozen and it never thawed but, somewhere along the distribution chain it thawed. So now I have a big mess to clean up and nothing to show for it.

Someone left the cream out in the rain,

I don't think that I can take it, 'cause it took so long to make it,

and I'll never use that recipe again, Oh NOooooooooooooooooooooo

Oh Nooooooooooooooooooooooo


Got To Keep A Sense Of Humor

The Only Way Out Was Throw!


 You do know that your choice is all it takes, right?.

2-3 weeks of discomfort and a couple years of unlearning

the automatic response and ritual and, you regain

a life you may have never known.

For most, a confidence they've never found.

Don't Dwell In The Smell

Not Smoking Won't Kill You

Negative Thinking Is Your Enemy

Stop It!

Stop Smoking & Start Living.

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