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(I'm going to hide some fake words in this. Let me know if you spot them.)


Shouldn't you know you're at the point where you know you've reached the place to begin?

If you've done the mental gymnastics, the cogitational repetition of research and the yakisoba

shouldn't you just know?


We're here to tell you everything you can know about quitting smoking so you can get to that point.


Where Does It Come From? 

If we give ourselves the time to adapt.

      When I was on the road, my schedule got me up about one or two in the afternoon.

      I'd have two hours to fully awake, get something to eat and then get my guitars together for a two hour rehearsal. (these were for learning new songs.)            Any singer will tell you to sing on a fairly empty stomach. This way, your diaphragm can move more easily.

      Your diaphragm is a wall of muscle below your lungs that singers are trained to use to support the air flow to their voice.

      After rehearsal we had a few hours to eat and let our food settle and then we would play five 40 minute on and 20 minute off sets from 9pm to 2am.

      Our schedule would get us off stage after 2am, we were hungry and nothing is open after 2am.

This is where stage one of this adaptable story comes in. :-)

      Our rooms usually had one of those tiny under counter fridges and a coffeemaker. That's it. That was our starting and ending point. Can you guess what's coming?

Coffeepot Cookin'

Ingredients: Milk, Condensed Soup, Cheese

Mix the milk and soup in the coffeemaker carafe and heat to max.

Put some cheese in the bottom of a coffee mug, pour heated soup over cheese to get it gooey and stringy. (like French onion soup.)

My favorites were tomato rice with Swiss and,  split pea with ham and Swiss.

      Now to the other part of my adaption. I used to start work at 9pm. Now I go to bed at 9pm. See how we adapt?


You can change

if you will allow yourself.

Enjoy Your Soup.

And It's Not Even A Question.

I Don't Choose To Live Like That.

Wouldn't It Add Stress And Be A Big Waste Of Time And Energy Worrying If I was Going To Smoke Again?

If You Feel Like It's Going To Chase You

The Rest Of Your Life, That's Your Choice.

There Is No Try For Them

They Will Protect Their Eggs No Matter What.

There Is No Bargaining. They Know If They Move Off Those Eggs

There Will Be No Family In 3 Weeks.

Only You Can Protect Your Quit.

Live Washington DC Bald Eagle Cam 

I Have 10 Years Of Reasons For Doing So

The Lack Of These Two Ingredients Is Why People's Quits Fail.

Without These Ingredients, You're Mixing A Cake With Your Elbows.




Biting into a lemon every once and again doesn't hurt either. :-)

The Washington DC Arboretum Cam. Eggs were layed not long ago.

Live Washington DC Bald Eagle Cam 

The Northeast Florida Cam 

10 weeks Should fledge soon


And the Southwest Florida Cam

Eagle Cam - Live Feed 

This one should fledge soon also.

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