Develop Your Story

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 17, 2017

        I've been holding out on you.    

      Every night, an hour before I shut off the lights, I watch an episode of Route 66 on Youtube.

      I love their stories, they make a complete circle and they do it in a reasonable time. (51 minutes) Their completeness allows me to get to sleep

quite easily.

      The music is fantastic, you get to see all the old actors that are long gone when they were young, old cars, and I like the black and white. It's softer on the eyes before I go to sleep.  :-)



      It doesn't matter if your quit is in color. It will be if you stick with it.

      Good results will come with time and experience.

      You are the author of your quit.

Develop the story and be glad you are doing it.

      Here's a couple episodes to get you started

Route 66-Somehow it Gets to Be Tomorrow - YouTube

Route 66-To Walk With the Serpent - YouTube 

Here's episode guide- if you go to youtube and type in Route 66, you will find many and you can search the episode titles. . You can also search Route 66 in google and then select videos, then tools, then over 20 minutes. 

List of Route 66 episodes - Wikipedia 

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