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Pets Are Such A Blessing

Such A Stress Reliever

Unconditional Love

Makes All Of Us Believers.


         I believe pets are a wonderful help to unfocus from ourselves and refocus in the moment.

         They calm and thus, enrich our lives.

         Hoggie was born 2 feet from my head.  We've been close ever since. I even took him with me when I went to Canada for a month.  We go outside every day so he can run and eat grass if he is so inclined until he's ready to come back in.

I can always tell he's ready to go back when he heads toward the gate.

         When I moved here from L.A. and built out my space, we built a place for him outside my window and under the deck and stairs so he can go outside and sit in the sun and always be protected from the coyotes that roam the canyons.

         At last count, rescued from a coyote's jaws, I believe he has either 5 or 6 lives left.

         I just wish he could decide what he wants to eat. I'm going to have to cancel that autoship.   :-)

      Please post a picture of your pet if you are so inclined.

        I've been holding out on you.    

      Every night, an hour before I shut off the lights, I watch an episode of Route 66 on Youtube.

      I love their stories, they make a complete circle and they do it in a reasonable time. (51 minutes) Their completeness allows me to get to sleep

quite easily.

      The music is fantastic, you get to see all the old actors that are long gone when they were young, old cars, and I like the black and white. It's softer on the eyes before I go to sleep.  :-)



      It doesn't matter if your quit is in color. It will be if you stick with it.

      Good results will come with time and experience.

      You are the author of your quit.

Develop the story and be glad you are doing it.

      Here's a couple episodes to get you started

Route 66-Somehow it Gets to Be Tomorrow - YouTube

Route 66-To Walk With the Serpent - YouTube 

Here's episode guide- if you go to youtube and type in Route 66, you will find many and you can search the episode titles. . You can also search Route 66 in google and then select videos, then tools, then over 20 minutes. 

List of Route 66 episodes - Wikipedia 

How do you post a video on the blogs?

     When we quit smoking there's a lot of bargaining that can happen initially.

I feel if you make tough deals with yourself, you won't succumb to the little things.


     I'm a person who follows things through to completion in my mind before I begin something.

     This is why I could never do a construction bid with software. There is no consideration in any software I know of for walking truckloads of materials 300 feet from the street to where they need to be stored on the jobsite.

     There is no allowance for bad weather or crawling up unsheathed rafters in a rain at night to tarp an entire building in order to protect the original structure and finish.

      When I did a bid the parts of a job I would physically do or supervise I estimate that for every $3000 in cost, I spent an hour bidding those costs.

Then, I would have all my subs come to the site and do a walk through and give me their price. They were all honest and fair, they knew my  standards and expectations from the years we worked together and, they knew they could count on me to have everything ready so they could come in and do their work and not have to redo it because something was done out of order.

     If the owner tried to hammer me about their prices, I explained that I had worked with them for years and, that if you hammer a persons price before they even begin, if there is additional unforseen work that comes up, they might hammer you back and if you have someone else come in to do that extra related work, there could be repercussions as to who guaranteed the work.

     In other words, there is nothing willy nilly about my thought process.when I approach a task.

    When I considered what could make me smoke, there was only one terrible thing and that was if I lost my wife and daughter in a traffic accident.

Yes I know it's morbid but it was the worst and only scenario where I had given myself permission in advance to smoke.

     For me I believe it was ok to imagine the worst thing that could happen and make that deal with myself.

                 Why? Because the worst rarely happens!

     I also made a deal with myself when I stopped using the patch the second week. I kept one in my wallet for my entire first year with the promise I would slap it on and wait an hour rather than smoke.

      These are the concepts I try to express here. They worked for me but they go way beyond me in what they might do for others.

       It's not a crime to think things through. It's ok to make deals with yourself if they are tough deals.

The worst tragedy's and fears we project in our minds rarely happen.

Onward and Upward!

If you've quit again and again and again

You Probably Don't Either.   :-)


You Must Get Serious

We'll Give You The Map

Quit Playing At Quitting

Get Out Of The Trap.

     Now people are disassembling their ecigs and pouring the juice directly on the coils to get a stronger dose.

     Next it will be nicotine suppositories?

OOPS! They already make them and, they don't fall off like the patch!  :-)

This works for many things in life. 

Hey! I was talking about music!

Keep Quitting.

Smoking's A Dead End.

See how "nic" insinuates himself into the conversation and tries to make you feel guilty like you forgot his birthday?

Nic will do everything possible to renew your friendship.

Ignore him like the nose and the brain,

'Cause You Don't Owe Him One Dang Thang!


You'll Never Know 'Til You Let Go

What do I mean by that?

Quitting Is A Life Changing Experience

Those of us who have escaped from the lies of smoking see clearly the control smoking has over people because we were them.

Changing, finding and, accepting yourself is the spiritual experience.

I believe people can be more honest here and form and express their ideas and feelings much better than what you can get from a study or clinical situation.

That's what makes this place valuable. That's what makes this place work.

What have I seen during the 10 years I've been on quit smoking sites?

I've seen the time period most people lose their quits.

I've seen people pull in others balanced on the edge of the cliff.

This doesn't happen in a clinical setting.

It can't with pre-screened questions and so little time.

That's what makes this place work.

Stick Around. Share Your Experience.

Learn And Grow.

Don't Let Go.

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