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I got a call two nights ago and I was down for the day and too tired to wake up and take it.

I emailed and texted a message back to them yesterday after listening to their voicemail.

They were so proud they had been off NICOTINE for 11 days.

This person was here in 2010 or 2011. If our pm's were organized by conversations with the same user in the order there were created, I wouldn't be going from memory..

As I recall they made 100 days but gave in and went back to smoking and just couldn't get a handle on another quit. I believe it was a self destructive unsupportive partner that kept them going back and forth.They finally quit with NRT's but couldn't get off them. They were on them for over 2+ years..I chrcked my email this morning and they said they went back to smoking to get off the NRT's, finally unlearned smoking and have been nicotine free for 11 days.

So why did it take so long?

They weren't willing to experience life without it.

from the person

"Each day an infinitesimal amount better and more clear-headed. More RELAXED, if that is possible. Cigarettes are liars. Nicotine is a liar. You “think” you are “better” in so many ways, but itʻs all a lie.
I was on NRT for two years. I couldnʻt get off! It was easier to start SMOKING to gt off NRT, and to then QUIT SMOKING. Who knew? Well, you did. You tried to tell me…"

I recall as a child wishing I could fly.

When you see your first bird, something just clicks in your mind and you think "wow" I would like to do that.

I believe that wonderment and wishing never leaves the back of our minds.

Why is the thought of flying so magical? Because we get the feeling there is no limit to where we could go, that nothing would be more FREE or exciting than doing barrel rolls without a plane.

IT'S FREEDOM or a vivid  interpretation of it.

Tinkerbell was for me the most exciting character in Peter Pan because she tapped into the magic of flying, although she did have a nice glow.

Why would you want to fly? Because you can!

Why would you want to quit smoking AND BE FREE OF IT'S CONTROL?


Solution: Don't start telling yourself you want to smoke. Don't start romancing the lie again.

Counter those thoughts and retrain your thinking  by saying "I don't do that anymore."


I wanted to find an MP3 that said eXcelente in a glorious way that I could post pn people's blogs to encourage them, so I began my search with google.

I happened upon a sleep learning video that teaches you Spanish while you sleep.

Now, we know the crux of quitting is unlearning our emotional and daily connections to smoking to truly extricate ourselves from its control, so, for me it follows that this type of reprogramming might be very helpful in aiding a quit.

How many of you have considered or tried subliminal learning and what has been your experience?

I did find some subliminal quit smoking programs on youtube but I can't recommend one over the other because I turned off my computer and went to sleep. I will attempt to study the quit smoking programs and get back to you if I have a recommendation.

Never did find that eXelente MP3. I may have to create it. :-)

Our reasons for smoking are about as valid as the frozen fish  I've moved around my freezer since 2012.

I'll throw out my fish if you throw out your cigarettes.  :-)


What If

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Apr 24, 2016

Every day is not necessarily a perfect day.

I believe quitting smoking taught me that every idea and thought doesn't need to be fleshed out or completed by the end of the day for my life to be satisfying.


For me, accepting that, is the essence of being happy.


There will be down days whether you smoke or not. You may not like your situation in life, but, you can change your mind and change your situation. Quitting smoking will teach you how to change your view of things.


I wasn't much hungry for anything heavy tonight. Guacamole and chips sounded light but I only had the avocado and corn chips.


No Cilantro, no lemon, no tomato, no jalapeno so, instead of being disappointed, I scooped half an avocado onto a plate, sliced it both ways and mixed it with the chips in my mouth.


Tasted great. Satisfied me.


and, not following my usual recipe didn't make me want to smoke once. :-)


Enjoy the good days and work through the bad ones


A new day arrives with each morning sun.

If you pack your mouth with ice cubes, you will focus on not getting brain freeze.

PS Giulia has suggested rinsing with water to save the enamel on your teeth

I was watching live feeds of the storms in Texas and one scene was a low place in the highway. After watching for awhile, it was obvious the left lane had a lot more water and was much more difficult to maneuver yet, people were taking that lane because the person driving in front of them chose it. In fact that person in front of them had no reason for choosing that lane. They decided that was the best lane to choose based upon a 50/50 chance and nothing more. We are here to give you a route to success based upon experience and all information available. We are here to show you the right lane and keep you out of the deep water.

I consider myself analytical but not anal.

When I look at a task, I look for solutions, specifically for the best one after thinking through all avenues open. I am here simply to pass my observations on to you.

My quit was iffy a few times in those first 4 months. I watched many quits fall by the wayside during this time period on the first site and I've watched  the same thing happen here for the past 8 years with so many disappearing during this time frame.

So what got me through and what will get you through?

I dug in and researched and I came across a medical study that claimed if people went 16 weeks without smoking, they had an excellent chance of freedom.

I read daily on the site I was on and came across a post by Ron Maxey that described THE FEELINGS  that drove people to give up after the first month and I realized, that was me but that was also why so many were falling by the wayside.

They simply did not know what to expect or how to work their way through it.

If you've failed again and again, ask yourself how many of those times were in the first 4 months and then read the following link.

Nobody gets to a year without getting through the first 4 months.  :-)

The only way out is through!

The last group I was on the road with played the Plaza Hotel for a month and food in NYC is not inexpensive.

Two people in our group cooked together to save money and it was slightly embarrassing when their spice rack fell off the bellmans cart on our way into the hotel lobby but, even moreso when their toaster oven took out the power to the whole third floor.

I asked the elevator operator where all the hotel employees ate and he said you could get all you wanted in the basement cafeteria for $1.35.

Why suffer in silence? If you have questions, ask us. We want to help you get there and we know how to help keep you on track.


anyone else?

     I watched an interview of one of the political events a couple nights back and a reporter asked a woman what she thought of a candidate. 
    She replied in her best New York accent  "I don't care, it's my smoking break"
   And you know folks, that's probably all she's been focused on since the thought first came to mind.

The addiction to nicotine supercedes all else as long as you are using it.


SORRY    :-)

Quitting Cold Turkey

"Did you know that only 5% of the 15 million smokers who try to call it quits every year actually succeed? The reason that number is so low is 1. because the nicotine in cigarettes is so addictive. Think about that number and then consider quitting cold turkey – 2. no help, no plan. Going it alone, or trying to quit smoking "cold turkey,"3.  means relying solely on your willpower to quit. Willpower is essential — you have to want to quit. But, nicotine is so addictive that people often underestimate how difficult it is to resist cravings using willpower alone. 4.Without any help, overcoming that addiction — 5. and the mental addiction to your smoking routine — can be a lot tougher than it needs to be."


all I can say point by point is

First, yes, nicotine is very addictive WHILE YOU ARE USING IT




Fourth, staying addicted to the drug is THE WAY to overcome the addiction to the drug?


Fifth, AHHHH they finally get to the CRUX of what makes people come back to smoking.


What this all is really saying is,


Will they ever put out the REAL statistics of success using NRT's vs Cold Turkey? NAH

If you want to believe in something, believe quitting is the right decision and BELIEVE IN YOU!

She left us too soon.

"You Be Gon"


I go out nearly every day with my buddy Steve for an early dinner (3pm) Early dinner because of my acid reflux.

We normally get food on the way to the beach and eat while we people watch and I take pictures of the sea and sky.

So yesterday, he says "you want to go to McD's?" and I say ok. We get to the drive thru and the menu board has changed so much that it's hard for me to see the selections so, I decide I'll eat when I get home.

He hasn't eaten all day so begins eating his hamburger as soon as he pulls away saying he needs to stop at the ATM to get cash for gas. So we get to the ATM about a mile away and he starts trying to finish the last 1/2 of his burger (like he was going to set a record) so he can go to the ATM and I say, "Are we in a hurry? Why don't you take your time." (he has COPD about as bad as you can get. never smoked) but once the food goes down the wrong way, it almost kills him) So he slows down and I sit and take pictures of the Hibiscus flowers through the windshield blooming right in front of us

You have to catch yourself and say, "why am I doing this?"  to begin changing the outcome.

This is particularly true when quitting smoking.

Get off autopilot and smell the flowers! (or take pictures of them)

You aren't driving, you are in no danger so there is no stress.

The road and lightning are mesmerizing and the sound of the rain soothing

There are free screen capture programs that let you save images.

This capture  from last night looks like a surreal painting and I didn't do anything to enhance it.

It's all free.

here's the link.  There are 4 live streams right now.  enjoy

each red dot is a live stream. If you click on the grey tab near the top and then choose live storm chasing, there will be a pop up screen showing which chaser has the most viewers. That's usually the most interesting one. There's a full screen button next to the volume button at the bottom right of the player window.

You can teach yourself to let craves roll off your back. Consider this perspective. Quitting is 90 percent mental. Change your thinking and protect your quit like this mombrella protects her babies.

Not Everyone Gets It Right The First Time.

You may be defeated but, the thought of quitting will not let go. Stay with it!

Start back immediately. Don't let too much time pass or it may mean more years of more smoking.

These pictures were taken 7 weeks apart. That green growth is new. Life will go on without smoking.  LET IT!


W? or W?

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Apr 6, 2016

We've been brainwashed all these years being told willpower is the only way to quit. That implies that somehow, fighting to not smoke is the way to quit. This was the generally accepted view of quitting.

When manufacturers started coming up with pharmaceutical options like nicotine replacement and nicotine blockers, people interpreted that as an easy way out.

There was never any mention of willingness when it came to quitting smoking.

Willingness naturally follows a decision to quit. Once you've decided to quit, there is no good reason to be fighting with yourself.

So, you have a choice.

You can walk around with your teeth clenched constantly telling yourself you want to smoke but you can't


when you get that urge to smoke, you can say "Oh, that's that urge to smoke. I don't do that anymore."

The second option indicates acceptance and acceptance, indicates willingness.

Willpower will wear you out and take most back to smoking in time.

Willingness is you choosing the new direction.

When you get around day 100, from your last cigarette, you will have an occasional day when you realize you didn't think of smoking.  It means you are on your way out of smoking. You should relish them and let them lead you out. They will increase in frequency.

Some have told me their first day was on day 85, my first one was around day 100. Others  have told me it was day 111. The realization you didn't think of smoking is one of the most powerful steps out of this.

This is your first proof.

Don't get sidetracked.

Don't cling.

Don't Smoke It Up

And You will be free.


If you will read the link, it makes a lot of sense. It's the same thought changing processes we teach here to unlearn smoking and be free.

Be willing and take the "130 days from your last puff" challenge!

If you will do that,  I guarantee you you won't be thinking of smoking in the same way..

You will also be through the time I've watched most new quitters give up and go back to smoking.

What's between your ears is really what quitting successfully is about.

If you believe a drug is going to help you quit, it will but, what about when you stop using the drug?

Statistically, don't many go back to smoking after they stop using the aid?

Others stay on the drug for many years believing that if they go off the drug they will go back to smoking. I consider that transferring psychological as well as the physical dependence to the drug. it may possibly be better to keep them seperate to succeed at both aspects of quitting. .

If you want to use an aid, that's certainly fine but, do it wisely. Make a plan in the back of your mind that you will take control of your quit and phase out your dependency on the physical in conjunction with unlearning the psychological addiction.

It's what's between your ears. :-)

someone offered me a cigarette last night and I took it

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