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The Rose Parade is tomorrow.

I just recalled a number of times driving  to my aunts in Highland Park (near Pasadena)

We would drive the hundred plus miles from Oceanside the night before and sleep on the floor or leave home early and get to her home by 5am. We'd usually stop at a donut shop on the way to Pasadena.

Park on the Arroyo Seco Parkway along the concrete drainage channel funneling the Los Angeles River, and walk up the steep abuttment on the right side of the bridge.

We always found a great place right on the street because we were there early.

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Can you remember a New Years Day before you were a smoker?

Krab Tuna Allows Flatulance You Fool.  :-)

Image may contain: text

Don't put your quit in risky situations! Use Your Head!

I was going to go get some lumber to build a pair of gates this morning.

There were two reasons I did not.

It was projected to shower and it's no fun working in the mud.

So, I will wait and not ruin the lumber or work in the mud.

Protect your quit!

We are now between rains but the mud will still be created.  :-)

PS I did go grocery was raining.

I took this just now.Image may contain: sky, cloud, twilight, outdoor and nature

Thoughts are what foil long term quits after being off nicotine for a couple months.

You have more control than you realize.

     Have you ever turned off your taste buds when you knew something was going to taste bad before you put it in your mouth? (Yeah I know, why would you eat something you knew didn't taste good?)   

I take a number of medications plus vitamins, 3 of which are huge.


90 percent of the time I have water ready to slug them down.


The other 10% I forget and, throw the vitamins and medications in my mouth, all at once.


Often, I realize I did it before I taste the vitamins and I'll make a conscious effort to switch off my taste buds (by shifting my focus) until after I've had my slug of water.

What does this have to do with smoking?

Smoking is a hazy world and a monotonous routine. This post has to do with being aware then shifting your focus.

Time to wake up and put yourself in control. :-)

Image result for hoops and yoyo, you smell good sssssmell things well.   :-)

A Good Long One?

Try this. Close your eyes and enter the

"Gate Of Dreams"

Amazing Beautiful Circles Of Music that will take your mind to another place

We used to listen to this every other night to calm the adrenaline after playing 5 sets a night when I was on the road.


My daughter brought a chicken home they incubated in kindergarten when it was 4 days old and it became part of our family. We didn't know he was a rooster until he started crowing at 4 in the morning at 4 months.  :-)

The 3rd year/camping trip of his life I used him as a prop while I sang the lyrics I wrote about the prior years campout,

Presenting, 'Brewster The Rooster." Circa 1995


Image may contain: bird and text

Brewster eating chicken  :-(

Image may contain: food

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Please do some preparation. You will go a lot further if you know what to expect.

My page explains the process and what to expect.

There is no luck when it comes to quitting.

     If you are considering quitting, why not ask yourself where smoking is leading you?

     What it is leading to?

     How much it leads everything you do?

     Why is smoking at the top of the list of things to do?

     Maybe plant the seed of getting off automatic smoking by simply catching yourself before you smoke and telling yourself to wait a little longer? These are simple painless things to start you thinking.

     This will teach you that you don't need to smoke just because you think you do.

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Every once in awhile I have to take a blunt object and do a 3 minute defrost.

Well, I forgot it was 3:30am when I did it and it was more difficult and thus louder than normal.

It even turned into more than 5 minutes.  :-)

Anyway, I overheard my brother and my dad talking about all the banging in the middle of the night and not being able to figure out what it was.


I'm not telling.  :-)

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Let's focus on the head of a pin for a second

Okay. Pull it back now

What is satisfying about the holidays?

What are the distractions that make it disjointed or break it up.

          >>>>>Smoking is not that distraction anymore.<<<<<

     I used to make it home for Christmas Eve no matter where I was traveling. If it meant a 5 hour flight each way for 10 hours on the ground with my family, I made the effort. Most of my parents families and my mom are gone now. It brings my own mortality to mind.

     We need to make the importance of this time what we find it to be and not be hindered by past thinking.

     You are becoming new and, it began between your ears.

     Onward and Upward.

as was this one

Whereas, this guy had a bad ending

Image result for joe camel

If you like Elvis? Here's a whole Christmas album

Nah, that's not what I gained since yesterday.

I finally assembled two deep pans of lasagna and got the first one in the oven.

I'll probably have to cook them 2+ hours each to get them cooked through but I will cover them and no, I won't eat them alone.

I'm glad I don't live to smoke! There is nothing to celebrate about smoking.

Image result for 100 year old birthday

Full length mirror?  I'm old enough to know better.  :-)

Related image

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Image result for do old people smell


2nd Pan Before Baking

photo DSCF1692_zpsuyofw2cd.jpg

First Pan Done And Test Piece :-)

photo DSCF1694_zpsthc7abxq.jpg


There are plenty who will say,

I only had one cigarette today.

But, hanging and clinging to that crutch

It Don't Help Smoking Go Away Much. :-)


So if you have't yet quit, clinging to that one cigarette is certainly not arresting any continual nicotine urge.

It simply shows your indecision.  (that is you holding yourself back)

Related image

I just took this picture. Rain here tonight and tomorrow. It's great lasagna making weather.  :-)

Image may contain: sky, cloud, twilight, outdoor and nature

Here's another 30 minutes later

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, twilight, outdoor and nature

No Smoking

I've always found the way to find the best solutions is to ask myself questions and then follow each out to it's conclusion before I begin the task.

In other words using logic to find the best solution before you've run its course and found it failed..

This is how we eliminate the bad choices before we make them.

Image result for smiley face

Some call it common sense.

Image result for common sense

Image result for common sense

Image result for common sense

They cut and they burned so I won't know how I (really) feel until tomorrow.

He said my esophagus looks much better. If the biopsies coome back as gpod news, I can go in every 6 months instead of every 3 months. :-)

My PICC line came out during the procedure but I didn't know it.   :-)

They put another in my foot when that happened and I was none the wiser (or dumber)

No solid food today. None of Dale's Potato Gruel until tomorrow.

Jello & maybe coffee in the morning?


Pretty good today. No real pain. They did not do the 360 degree burn instead, they didf  argob plasma coagulations which is more targeted to certain spots and i'm sure that made a big difference.

The thing about recovery is you're hungry and feel like you could eat a horse but if I did, I'd tear areas open and be in the ER so I have to restrain myself.  :-) Not Smoking Over It.

what they were doing to me tomorrow?

I have a procedure but I don't know how I'm going to be feeling afterwards.

How long I will be uncomfortable every time I swallow?

Will I be on a soft food diet? How long?

My fridge is full of drinkable yogurt, a 12pack of jello and the like.

I bought deviled ham and instant potatoes to make "Dale's Gruel."

I'm in limbo.

This is the time I would have smoked but,

"I don't do that anymore."

    I was brewing a pot of coffee this morning and I wasn't getting excited about it.

     I don't know. Maybe my smeller is off a bit.     

     Anyway, my mind started down path B.

     (The worst outcome projection)
     A doubt that I may have ordered too much.  :-)
     Doubt is what ruins quits. Fighting yourself is doubting yourself.

I wrote a few lines about the coffee thinking
and then a second set as to how it might relate to my quit.
     We are all susceptible to being led by a thought. (they grow)
    As long as that realization is in the forefront when a negative thought comes....We don't grow it, we move forward, and, let it settle in.

"Smoking is a widely recognized risk factor for heart disease. But new research shows that nicotine itself can damage blood vessels. Further research might question the benefit of smoking cessation aids that contain nicotine, such as gum and patches."


enjoy it

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 8, 2016


New Hope

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 8, 2016

As you begin and then continue your quit, you will gradually change into a new person with new hopes.

Why? Because you aren't a slave to smoking every 30 minutes any longer.

You must allow the time to let it happen but also flip your thinking and realize the frustrations and physical discomforts are caused BECAUSE you were a smoker NOT BECAUSE you quit smoking.

Carry On

Or they'll be removing parts of you until you need a calf transplant.

For sure, your quality of life will deteriorate.

Quit now while you still have all your parts. It will grant you some peace of mind.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Dec 7, 2016

Image result

Image result

Willpower does not equal Understanding or Acceptance.

Willpower is resistance.

Resistance gets tiring when it comes to changing behaviors as deeply ingrained as smoking or dieting.


Ahhh the motion

the musicianship


Here's Victor Wooten. AMAZING Bass Solo

Here's Victor jamming with his brother

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