I honestly didn't know how I was going to do it until I did it.

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This is the old monitor under the upper bookcase. (it's the dark screen in the lower lit area.)

photo clean_zpsnxyj7sbj.jpg

I removed the old monitor from the arm and when I hooked the new monitor to the arm, It would not clear the bottom face frame of the upper cabinet. This was an anticipated possibility per my original DSCF1404_zpsumdxurs6.jpg

Well, that's no good. It's too far forward and there's not enough room for Hoggie to get in my way.

So I know I have to deal wirth the face frame. Either rip it so the monitor can slip beneath it or remove the face frame and put it back on after the monitor has cleared.  If I rip it, it will always show after I have the monitor in and look like crap.  Iif I try to remove and replace the entire length of the lower face frame, I have an earthquake restraint system on the right end which makes extra work if I have to remove and redo it. (see next picture)

photo DSCF1407_zpswwhi2gnd.jpg

I decided to cut the bottom face frame vertically, a few inches to the right of the monitor, at a 30 degree angle so it backs itself when I replace it.  After the monitor was in place under the bookcase, I bent the finish nails back in allignment with the holes they came out of and and tapped it back into position.

The final solution is shown below. The vertical 30 degree cut is hidden behind the left vertical of the headphone hook which was moved to the right a few inches. VOILA! Nearly invisible solution.

photo DSCF1406_zpsemeq3pis.jpg

So how much screen space did I gain with the new monitor? The picture below shows the old monitor laying perpendicular on the protective sleeve from the new DSCF1408_zpsjrv7ra9q.jpg

If you look at your quit as a situation with solutions other than smoking, any bump in the road can be thought through and resolved without losing your quit.