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Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Nov 28, 2016

Everyone has disappointments, loss, and, down days.

Smoking doesn't make the unglorious days better.

That lie was part of our choice built of misunderstanding and outright self deceit.

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It's natural for your quit to feel like it's stuck occasionally. If you will move yourself out of those "feelings" for a few moments and just realize it's your memories that have brought these thoughts, you will understand that you don't have to act on them.
Move on through and save your quit.

Here's my favorite recipe and it's very simple!

Don't smoke. Don't Choke. But please enjoy this dirty joke.

"A woman felll in the mud."


It's the thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of memories and emotions along with the hand to mouth and inhale motions connected to the cigarettes you smoked.

I cut the recipe in half and with the 1/4 c of water with the baking soda dissolved  it was too dry and would not hold together.

I added 4 ounces of water and it got the consistency it needed to be.

I tasted the first batch and added half again as much brown sugar and cinnamon and cloves to the remaing batter..

I used 9 cups of flour because I looked up how many cups were in 5lbs and it said 20.

So, If you make the full recipe, add 8oz water.

This is a 2.5 gallon container

After you finish the last batch, you put a cut orange in the container and seal it for a month.

I believe we replace the oranges two weeks into the cure time. THE ORANGES ARE VERY IMPORTANT.


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In late August or early September, the eagle pair usually return to this nest to begin their nesting cycle, which includes bonding, mating, nestorations, egg-laying, incubation, hatching, and raising their brood until their youngsters fledge and are able to fend for themselves. Mom and Dad typically remain in the nest area for 30-45 days after their young have fledged/migrated, enjoying some well-deserved time alone together in their special Florida habitat. Then, Dad will head north for cooler, less humid climates first, and Mom will leave several days later. The following breeding season, they return like clockwork and start their nesting, mating, and family-raising process all over again.

photo Screen Shot 11-21-16 at 03.48 AM 003_zpstdaekgi6.jpg

And, they do all this on an internal timetable without smoking.

Life has it's reason and it's season and we each have our own.Smoking was never part of it until we invited that liar into our bodies.

If you quit now, you will find an honesty in life and a quality of life you lost when you became a smoker.

Don't Smoke It Up!

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Smoking remains there just like a car key until you get a different car or a new front door lock. It stays there going in circles just like your keys until you need to take one off.

Why do we stay in the circle of smoking? Because it's comfortable

People tend to be repetitive. Repetition tends to make us feel comfortable.

And there you have it.

This is why you must take your key ring, split the riings with your thumbnail, and, slide smoking off like the key that you no longer need.

It doesn't hurt.

Yes, it's uncomfortable but gettting off that keyring is allowing enough time until you are comfortable not smoking.

It will happen if you allow it.

The majority of people will go back to smoking within days. Why?

Because they have no clue what to expect or what they are up against and, did no planning.

Aunt Minnie's Cookies (Secret Family Recipe)
You Need A Strong Arm Or A Kitchenaid Mixer. (I was the strong arm.  :-)    You may have a grandson?.
We Used To Make Them At Thanksgiving As They Have To Age A Month But They Are Hands Down, The Best Holiday Cookies I Have Ever Tasted.
Aunt Minnie Was From Portland, Oregon. I Met Her When I Was Very Young.

These are wonderful to pass out to friends in those metal tins but you really do have to make them soon if you intend to pass them out for the holidays. I suggest storing them together and separating them into tins as you give them away.

We put the 1/2 cut apple or 1/2 orange in as a matter of course with lots of extra powdered sugar in the container and toss them within the container every week. They are chewy, not too sweet but if you don't keep the cut orange or apple in the container while they age, you will break your teeth.

I like the bar cookies the best but we do both.

I hope someone will try the recipe. I can almost guarantee it will become a new tradition to pass obn.

Here's the ingredient list to cut the recipe in half

Fall is here.

One way I know it is what "cravings" arise from the change of season.

Yesterday I made stew.

Today was cinnamon toast.

You'd think I was trying to Fall in two days.  :-)

photo DSCF1501_zpsijgi4l5b.jpg

I saw these beauties in the store yesterday. Slightly larger than a softball.

photo DSCF1502_zpswbbwnqyi.jpg

What foods remind you of fall?

This nest is 80 feet off the ground in a lodgepole pine on the coast off NE Florida.

I just read the first egg came out within 5 minutes of last years first egg. That's timing!


This is the old monitor under the upper bookcase. (it's the dark screen in the lower lit area.)

photo clean_zpsnxyj7sbj.jpg

I removed the old monitor from the arm and when I hooked the new monitor to the arm, It would not clear the bottom face frame of the upper cabinet. This was an anticipated possibility per my original DSCF1404_zpsumdxurs6.jpg

Well, that's no good. It's too far forward and there's not enough room for Hoggie to get in my way.

So I know I have to deal wirth the face frame. Either rip it so the monitor can slip beneath it or remove the face frame and put it back on after the monitor has cleared.  If I rip it, it will always show after I have the monitor in and look like crap.  Iif I try to remove and replace the entire length of the lower face frame, I have an earthquake restraint system on the right end which makes extra work if I have to remove and redo it. (see next picture)

photo DSCF1407_zpswwhi2gnd.jpg

I decided to cut the bottom face frame vertically, a few inches to the right of the monitor, at a 30 degree angle so it backs itself when I replace it.  After the monitor was in place under the bookcase, I bent the finish nails back in allignment with the holes they came out of and and tapped it back into position.

The final solution is shown below. The vertical 30 degree cut is hidden behind the left vertical of the headphone hook which was moved to the right a few inches. VOILA! Nearly invisible solution.

photo DSCF1406_zpsemeq3pis.jpg

So how much screen space did I gain with the new monitor? The picture below shows the old monitor laying perpendicular on the protective sleeve from the new DSCF1408_zpsjrv7ra9q.jpg

If you look at your quit as a situation with solutions other than smoking, any bump in the road can be thought through and resolved without losing your quit.

I wanted a larger monitor at my desk. I spent time looking online for good ratings,dimensions, and, an inexpensive price. I have a swing arm on the existing monitor and knew I wouldn't be using the base that came with the new monitor but didn.'t know the total height of the monitor without the base, so, I knew I might be taking my chances

I took it out of the box this morning to see where the mounting holes for the arm were. I measured the distance from my desk to the bottom hole of the monitor I would be replacing. 5 1/4"  The online picture of the back of the new monitor made it appear they were much lower than 5 1/4 so I figured I was going to need to lower the wall arm and chop up the backsplash on my desk.

As it turns out, the holes on the new monitor are at exactly 5 1/4.

The problem is, it may be taller than the bottom faceframe of the shelf unit above it.

Whatever happens when I mount it tomorrow?  (the cable is at the post office and should be delivered today.)


That's exactly what you have to do with YOUR QUIT.

Realize you don't know everything that may come against your quit, but



You can lick your cat without using your tongue. What a pleasant thought.   :-)

@Hoggie>Do It Yourself.   :-)

And, what if you considered that every moment of your life, every cigarette you smoked, was connected  in to those moments, memories and emotions?

Might that be the obstacle to quitting forever that you need to overcome?

So if you could make yourself cognizant of the unlearning process perhaps you can help move it along.

That's what we are trying to teach you.

Not a cigarette with coffee!    NOT NEEDED

It was 95 yesterday with a desert wind that felt like a blast furnace.

I could have cooked eggs on the driveway or the hood of my truck.

As the seasons change, memories kick in and the habits of the same season of the year before tend to kick in.

We buy the same ingredients for meals and we make the same dishes.Much of it was originally based on what is available in the market.

Breakfast was a memory from the season before.

Our lives go in cycles built on memories until we break out and make a new cycle.

Cigarettes trigger those old memories but for only so long. Have hope!

Smoking won't mean something forever if you just let it go.

Keep stacking those rocks!  Days!

I like to put 3 eggs stirred well with about 8 of those lil sausages and nuke them for 90 seconds and then throw a couple corn tortillas on top to warm.

Yesterday morning I had to wait 5 minutes for a store to open at 6am. Yes I go to stores when they first open. I know them so well, I can complete my shopping at 3 stores and be home in less than an hour...I find that planning like this, makes life alot less frantic.

Anyway, I was sitting in my truck, there was a guy standing at the doors, I hollered out, 6 minutes. and he went behind me and soon, I smelled smoke. It must have been 35 feet away but it wafted into my truck. It wasn't enticing. You see, my connection to loving the smell of a cigarette was in a warm breeze, at the beach, when I was growing up. Those memories are wonderful and strong not fearful at all.

I have a twin brother and we lived 4 blocks from the beach (I take pictures of) for our first 11 years. Our dad taught us to body surf at about 5 years old.

We would take our bicycles or walk to the beach and bodysurf for 10 hours lots of days and when our dad would get home (he was a carpenter and cabinet maker) about 5, we would go body surf an hour with him.

See the connection that smell of smoke  on a warm breeze brought back?

We have connected a lot of memories to the smell of a cigarette. But who cares? Just keep disconnecting from smoking so you get to a place.

This was is the place...

No One Here Told You, "You Have To Quit."

You're Either Here Out Of Choice Or Pressure From Others.

That Second Reason Is The Perfect Excuse To Wiggle.

What Do You Owe Them? It's Your Life. Everyone's Gotta Die Sometime.

So What's It Gonna Be?

What Are You Made Of? You're Going To Find Out.

Will You Wiggle Or Will You Find Your Freedom?

Think back.... farther....farther

Yes 5 or 6 years before you started smoking.



What chocolate do you associate with the most from your upbringing?

I'm thinking the taste of a chocolate kiss. How about you?

Image result

What about those wax bottles?

Image result

What takes you back?

keep smoking and, you will.

Are you waiting for a sign of illness?

Trust us, you aren't half lucky when your smoking causes your decline.

you are in decline.

you aren't able to experience life in the same way but, like smoking. We don't realize what smoking takes of our time and money and most of all, our attention span and focus on the special moments missed until we step away and aren't doing it anymore..

decline is going down not up

Stop smoking now and live your life the best it can be.

We all know how tiring a fight that doesn't stop becomes.

So don't fight.

Accept what you want or what you say you want



I'm going to tell you why.

When you have to constantly count and figure out triggers  IT'S A MAJOR LIFE CHANGE.


I've said it before and I'll say it again. The only valuable part of preparation is just thinking before you smoke.

Getting off auto pilot.

You will find that things change in your head automatically as you see your progress. I swear promise, if you do this

you will be ready to quit and will have no anxiety whatsoever before you start your quit. (because you don't even set a quit date until you know you are ready)

So, are you serious about quitting? You don't have to want to. There are no excuses to make. Are you serious about quitting?

You will notice less trips and more cash in your wallet. Just realizing that is your proof you don't need to smoke.

If you do what is in that link, YOU CANNOT FAIL to start your quit in a good place.

Yes, nicotine addiction holds us until we stop using it but, it's out of your system a few days after you stop using it. There are 2-3 weeks with physical symptoms and some days of confusion after you've stopped using it but,

If the nicotine receptors normalize after a month, (of not using it) what brings people back to smoking after not smoking for 6 months or a year, or 8 weeks?

The title of this blog is the answer.

Common sense, rational thinking, self talk along the line of understanding that this can be unlearned in time will bring your success!

I have a friend who likes to drive and I just snap pictures while we drive.We usually stop and get food to eat at the beach.

As soon as my hands are clean enough to handle the camera, I take more pictures.

Some days I take 100 pictures in an hours time.

I open them and go through and get rid of all the blurry ones or uninteresting ones and I may end up with 10 decent pictures.

This is a favorite thing I do almost daily.

Do you have a favorite thing you like that captures you and gives you joy?

If not, you should look for something that gives you joy and fullfills something.

This is part of not being a smoker.

This is an important part.

The time smoking robbed you of.

Start looking.

Seriously. This is learning to love life without smoking.

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Thanksgiving Is Coming This Month...It Always Leaves Me Cold (On White Bread With Mayo and Salt and Pepper)

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