You can choose whatever you want. People do.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 5, 2016

     How is imitating smoking, as in putting something in your mouth and inhaling to get nicotine, not smoking?
     All vapers will contend "Oh, you can stop using them whenever you want, but most of them don't. Why? because it's a replacement for smoking. It becomes their whole lifestyle, just like smoking

     So why don't they just quit smoking?   You'll have to ask them.

     The addiction to nicotine is the draw while we are using it but when you aren't, the familiarity of the connection to memories made while smoking is what holds your desire of continuing going through the same motions. In other words you have to change what you are doing to unlearn the motions and it takes time.    

     Vaping is fine if you want to continue the expense and addiction of smoking, including the building of your life around it.

     They will tell you how safe it is too.

Image result for scarred face from ecig

Image result for scarred face from ecig

     You can NOT unlearn the motions or the connections to the motions if you are still doing them

     I would suggest looking in the mirror while you are vaping and see if that's the impression you want people to have of you?

     Like any other drug user, people tend to hang out with people doing the same drug to reinforce one another.