A Note From Nancy (and some live weather screenshots)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 3, 2016
  It drizzled and was chilly all day - that's what I get for bragging!!!  We took two trains and a lift and visited the village of Murren today.  Spent a couple of hours exploring the town and its ancient chalets and barns.  Some of the wood was unbelievable.  Gardens abounded and we enjoyed the sites.  Got a little chilly toward the end of the day, so we headed home.  
  Our plans for   tomorrow will be weather dependent.  I would love to visit one more lake and take one final boat ride, but we'll have to see.  They are actually calling for cold temps and snow here   on Friday - so we are getting out of here just in time!
  FYI - Cows are called muus here!!!  The language is a Swiss/German mix.  It amazes me that you can make yourself understood and can understand another person with neither of you knowing the other's language.  I guess smiling and saying please and pointing is universal.  I do know how to say good morning and please and thank you in three languages now!!!

The Community of Wengen


Wengen is situated at 1.275 m above sea level in the Swiss canton of Bern. The community has 1.332 inhabitants and covers an area of 36,4 km².


The Weather in Wengen


Mean annual temperature is 5,4 degree Celsius, annual precipitation is 1.346 mm. Rainfall is at its highest in August at 155 mm, at its lowest in October at 84 mm. It’s warmest in July, coolest in January.



The Jungfrau Region


The Jungfrau Region reaches from Interlaken (570 m. above sea level) up to the snow covered peaks of the central alps at over 4,000 m. above sea level. With this huge difference in altitude of over 3‘500 metres, the Jungfrau Region covers all the climatic ranges in the alps and offers an almost unlimited range of habitats and experience zones. The exceptionally good public transport in the region enables every guest to experience a huge range of contrasts, from swimming in the lake of Thun to touching a glacier on the Jungfraujoch or the stunning view from the Schilthorn – Piz Gloria (filming spot of 007 James Bond – On Her Majestie’s Secret Service).





History in the field of snow-sports has been written in the Jungfrau Region, the villages of Mürren and Wengen are known as the birth-place of skiing. The first ski races and the first skiing world championships were held in Mürren in 1931. The Jungfrau Region also played a central role in developing alpine climbing and mountaineering. The Jungfrau was the very first over 4,000 metre high mountain to be climbed in Switzerland (1811) and the dramatic first attempts to climb the north face of the Eiger also attracted a huge number of tourists to the area.