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too much?

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 31, 2016

Something happened yesterday. 16 years and 5 months ago, I severed my right foot working on a jobsite. I broke my leg in 80 places. Two months after it happened I was told my ankle bone had died. (Most likely from continuing to smoke and depriving that area of the oxygen it needed from my blood and getting carbon monoxide instead) 5 surgeries, 3 years in a wheelchair and crutches. Probably a year of physical therapy over those three years. I haven't been able to walk without a limp since March 1999. Yesterday, when I ran out to capture that sunrise, my foot hit a stepping stone hard and something snapped. I can now walk without a limp. Yes I will still swell and cause me pain every day but, being able to push off without limping is a good thing.

The wheat from the chaff

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The cream from the milk

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The emotions from your quit

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That's How You Win Your Freedom!



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 25, 2016

Maybe it's a little grey out there in quit land
Maybe even times of heavy rain?

Throw in lots of thunder rolling under....

neath me, "Oh, my Lord here comes the crave."
Pay it no attention It'll pass, That is what they told me on the eX

I'll calm myself and I will let it build my quit

Knowing, it'll pass as quickly as it came.

We get so little rain out here that thunder and lightning are rare.

My camera missed the flash but was running for the thunder.  Check out the video

I didn't know so I let it go.and almost died, blood got so low

don't let foodpipe get raw and red, then white, then cancer then you're dead.

If you have heartburn frequently and want any first hand information feel free to ask.

it wasn't pretty but it had to be done.

Sort out your quit and keep them away from your face.


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Don't confuse yourself.

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I spent the month before I quit changing my smoking routine each day by telling myself to wait a little longer when I wanted to smoke.There were no hours or minutes spent thinking how long it was going to be before I could smoke again. I never got restless or focused on quitting because, when I wanted a smoke, I had one. No denial ever.

When that month ended, I was down from a pack a day to 5 a day.

I was ready and had no fear for I had proven to myself I didn't need to smoke just because I though of smoking.

I never thought too much about the ramifications of quitting beforehand.

It became a decision at the end of the month, not a wish, not a hope, a decision.

There was no fighting.

I had some despair in the first 100 days, but I realized that smoking wouldn't take the despair away.

People who go back to smoking stress themselves out and choose to smoke because they don't know any different.

If you will stop sabatoging yourself you can learn to be free.

Answer: They would find something else to do.

Lesson:  You need to find other things to do besides smoking.

Proof Of Possibility?     We Are Adaptable.

Don't Limit Your Quit With Your Own Thinking. 


It's Fall

Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 19, 2016

Don't fall. Keep your quit above it all!

You'll have ok days

But some will be disconcerting

You need to understand the overspray days don't last forever as you control your destiny and face your future.

Add some air and that'll be that?

It's only as hard as you make it!

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I actually have one of these and it is a fantastic distraction.

If you touch it, it makes the electric arc's move inside accordingly.

I have had this happen numerous times in the past 20 years.

It happened to me again Sunday and to Nancy yesterday. 

I had cloned my harddrive about 5 months ago for just this occurance but as the screen would not show anything, I realized it had to be a hardware problem as in, the onboard video in the motherboard was likely gone. Had I not cloned that second drive, I wouldn't have been able to pinpoint the problem.

My solution has been to have a second functioning computer. This has saved me more than once because if I get a virus, I can look it up, download the solution, put it on a USB drive and boot from it to make the fix,)

As far as shopping for a new computer:

I'm kind of a techie (I built 3 computers from scratch before I switched to laptops) and I try to stay current with what the newer processors can do as well as other tech advances like solid state harddrives so I know how to compare.

I know I don't need a computer that plays advanced games because "I don't do that anymore."

Being as that I replaced my two netbooks on which the hinges had broken with a low end music editing laptop within the past year, when the laptop I purchased in March of 2009 crapped out Sunday, I had to take a look at what I needed VS what I didn't need. (I feel I certainly got my money's worth. 24 hours a day for 7 years and 9+ months, is getting your money's worth in my opinion.  :-)  )

I was able to find a laptop with windows 10, a solid state drive (32GB) which means I will not have to wait to boot up compared to non solid state, a fairly fast processor, enough ram to do what I need, hopefully to include live streaming for $135.

What is it missing? It's missing a DVD drive and a large harddrive. I have an empty 3 terrabyte drive i will leave plugged in and back up to that.

I spent all day Sunday with an external harddrive dock saving all my files from my dead laptop to an external drive and transferring what was necessary to my second laptop.

It's very similar to thinking ahead with a plan for your quit so when you hit the wall, you know where to go and don't get stuck. If you plan, there is NO REASON to panic.

Yesterday, I suggested Nancy go to her local computer repair shop but, she had privacy concerns for financial info being vulnerable so I spent a good amount of time online looking for anything in-store local to her and shopping computers that she could receive by today and I sent my findings to her daughter. They spoke and decided to take her laptop to the local computer repair shop today.

The beauty of this is she has been without a computer for three weeks so the shock, dependency and, urgency is alleviated somewhat.

Wishing you all healthy computers and a smokefree life.

She took it to a local shop but may not be online for awhile.

I did some online shopping for her and found a decent one for $400 that could be there tomorrow if her daughter orders it asap/ (but she's travelling to SLC.

It's funny that my laptop at the desk crapped out Sunday morning.

Fortunately, I usually run 2 laptops.  :-)

"I Got This"

Drop Box Kick

Don't get too cocky!  :-)

Rock On!

Dog telephone

Laugh! Enjoy your Monday!

It is what you make it!

I don't have much to say but like this laughing dog

I'll do my best to help you laugh,

Then, maybe, we can saw a log.

We make this journey whatever we choose it to be.

Will it be offensive or defensive?

IMO the offensive position is "no consideration of smoking. nope at any cost."

The defensive is always thinking about smoking and trying to fight off the urge to smoke.

The reason for this is may be that you left a door ajar or a window cracked before you left smoking.

(an opening to go back)

The greatest vision for quitting is acceptance.

When you accept you must change, the willingness will follow.


Don't Give Up, Don't Give In.

You can't smoke when you're asleep.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 Oct 6, 2016

     How is imitating smoking, as in putting something in your mouth and inhaling to get nicotine, not smoking?
     All vapers will contend "Oh, you can stop using them whenever you want, but most of them don't. Why? because it's a replacement for smoking. It becomes their whole lifestyle, just like smoking

     So why don't they just quit smoking?   You'll have to ask them.

     The addiction to nicotine is the draw while we are using it but when you aren't, the familiarity of the connection to memories made while smoking is what holds your desire of continuing going through the same motions. In other words you have to change what you are doing to unlearn the motions and it takes time.    

     Vaping is fine if you want to continue the expense and addiction of smoking, including the building of your life around it.

     They will tell you how safe it is too.

Image result for scarred face from ecig

Image result for scarred face from ecig

     You can NOT unlearn the motions or the connections to the motions if you are still doing them

     I would suggest looking in the mirror while you are vaping and see if that's the impression you want people to have of you?

     Like any other drug user, people tend to hang out with people doing the same drug to reinforce one another.

We took a couple of trains and then got on a boat across the Breinz lake to get to Breinz - a small village on the banks of the lake.  Walked around and visited the shops, and looked at many old chalets.  There are goats and sheep and cows in the pastures on the hillsides.  Found some interesting places to shop....Breinz is the capital of the wood carving industry and the town has many large wooden sculptures.

I am so sad to have this end.....but I will cherish the memory of every minute of it.
  We went to Jungfraujoch - and there was one of two REALLY cool trains.  They have a grooved center rail and (I guess) a wheel or wheels that engage as you run.  There is an observation structure at the top - the rail was created for a physics center located on this mountain.  It snowed there overnight and was pretty cold.  They have several outdoor platforms you can get to.......The train goes through a pretty long tunnel through the mountain to get there - and you have to walk through one to get to the observation point.  The altitude didn't bother me much - but claustrophobia got me in the one tunnel we had to walk.  We were at the highest point in Europe up there - above a lot of the mountain range - and above the clouds, too.  It was breathtaking!!!  
  Today's adventure completed, we are back in the condo and we can actually see where we were from our balcony.  Waaaaaay cool!

I try my best to cut through the crap and I've been known to say things that get people riled up.

I try to get you to think and that is my way.

There are no excuses to smoke once you stop making them.

Let's aim for that?

  It drizzled and was chilly all day - that's what I get for bragging!!!  We took two trains and a lift and visited the village of Murren today.  Spent a couple of hours exploring the town and its ancient chalets and barns.  Some of the wood was unbelievable.  Gardens abounded and we enjoyed the sites.  Got a little chilly toward the end of the day, so we headed home.  
  Our plans for   tomorrow will be weather dependent.  I would love to visit one more lake and take one final boat ride, but we'll have to see.  They are actually calling for cold temps and snow here   on Friday - so we are getting out of here just in time!
  FYI - Cows are called muus here!!!  The language is a Swiss/German mix.  It amazes me that you can make yourself understood and can understand another person with neither of you knowing the other's language.  I guess smiling and saying please and pointing is universal.  I do know how to say good morning and please and thank you in three languages now!!!

The Community of Wengen


Wengen is situated at 1.275 m above sea level in the Swiss canton of Bern. The community has 1.332 inhabitants and covers an area of 36,4 km².


The Weather in Wengen


Mean annual temperature is 5,4 degree Celsius, annual precipitation is 1.346 mm. Rainfall is at its highest in August at 155 mm, at its lowest in October at 84 mm. It’s warmest in July, coolest in January.



The Jungfrau Region


The Jungfrau Region reaches from Interlaken (570 m. above sea level) up to the snow covered peaks of the central alps at over 4,000 m. above sea level. With this huge difference in altitude of over 3‘500 metres, the Jungfrau Region covers all the climatic ranges in the alps and offers an almost unlimited range of habitats and experience zones. The exceptionally good public transport in the region enables every guest to experience a huge range of contrasts, from swimming in the lake of Thun to touching a glacier on the Jungfraujoch or the stunning view from the Schilthorn – Piz Gloria (filming spot of 007 James Bond – On Her Majestie’s Secret Service).





History in the field of snow-sports has been written in the Jungfrau Region, the villages of Mürren and Wengen are known as the birth-place of skiing. The first ski races and the first skiing world championships were held in Mürren in 1931. The Jungfrau Region also played a central role in developing alpine climbing and mountaineering. The Jungfrau was the very first over 4,000 metre high mountain to be climbed in Switzerland (1811) and the dramatic first attempts to climb the north face of the Eiger also attracted a huge number of tourists to the area.

Do you realize that you can break quitting down into parts.

By that, I mean logical chunks and milestones leading to your success?

Quitting does not have to be some nebulous cloud.

People who approach it in that way find excuses to smoke.

It doesn't have to be that way if you have the map.

Eltz Castle

  From Nancy:
       I guess this is my fault for bragging on the weather we have had the entire trip - woke up today to the mountains fogged in and rain here in the valley. It's supposed to clear up........
  Took a lovely hike around the village yesterday afternoon - past the pastures with cows and goats and sheep with all their bells a-ringing.  The bells are not a myth --- I think they wear them now for the tourists, but in the old days they were free roaming and I guess the farmer could use them to find strays (or getaways in some cases)  There were even dark brown sheep with black faces.....
  Roses grow so wonderfully here.  They are thriving with 7" blooms.  It is never really hot here, and lots of moisture.  I am so enjoying them - and ALL the flowers.  Most of Europe that I have seen all have wonderful gardens and balcony boxes overflowing.  Ferns are most everywhere, too, with a miniature variety that plants itself between rocks in ancient stone walls.
  After a bit we plan to take the train to Murren to a lake (with paddle boat - of course!) or take a train up the mountains to a cafe for a bite and some hiking.
  I think all the running for trains,  changing platforms and walking castle and train station stairs has gotten me in great shape.  Nothing is hurting and most hikes have not been too challenging.  If we hadn't eaten so much bread and chocolate, I might have actually lost some weight!
  More later!

I'm not smoking over it!

I don't think she'll mind my sharing. :-)

Earlier Yesterday

  We just got internet now that we are in Wergen, Switzerland.  
  Our condo was lakefront on Lake Geneva and we took several boat rides around it,  Went to Eltz Castle by paddle  boat.  
  OMG - the gondola ride was magnificent, as was the lodge,  the mountains around  Oeschinensee Lake.  We took a rowboat on the lake before we left today
  I have probably walked 100 miles and taken about 20 different trains but i am having the time of my life.
  I am truly whupped at the end of each day, but it has been wonderful.  The wether so far has continued to be perfect - every single day it has been mid to upper 60's with plenty of sunshine.
  And later

Sitting on the balcony looking at the Eichorn and the mountains surrounding Wengen.  Did I tell you I saw a shooting star at the lake by the lodge?  It was SO dark there - the stars were something I have never seen so bright.  It looked like a million of them sparkling down on me.  We are getting ready to head to the grocery.  Staying in a condo with a kitchen.  The saying here is - "if you are in Switzerland, it will be too expensive" - so we will eat in here.  We have actually mostly done that to save $$$.  When we get sick of it or it's not convenient to where we are, we do eat out.

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