The Physical And The Psychological Addiction To Smoking Are So Interconnected

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 20, 2016
        Don't you think it might be a good Idea to separate them so you can move forward and destroy them both?      
        What I mean by that is setting up that conception in your thinking instead of trying to slog through your quit.      

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There is no need to want to if you will take the doubt of emotions out of it.


You can simply follow our lead as we uncomplicate the quitting process for you by breaking it down in the blogs.


If you have questions ASK. It is the best way to get  and stay involved with your quit.


Divide: Begin separating the two parts of the addiction in your head.


Some will choose to tackle the physical addiction promptly.


Others will use an NRT while they begin unlearning the psychological connections of the hand to mouth cycle.


The trick is to not get caught connecting the nicotine replacement to your old smoking cycle because then,


you cannot get out of the cycle.


See it clearly. Attack it with knowledge.