You feelin wacky? it might have been effects of tobbacci.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 21, 2016

This changing your routine can be serious business. It can be so dam awkward after that first month.

My three hardest days in a row were in the mid fifties and they were 3 IN A ROW.

Looking back on that now, was that the fight with myself to fight all fights? Were my emotions trying to force me back into slavery? I didn't know where I was.

You are in the middle of it and you are exposed TO YOURSELF.

It's a powerful moment when you realize your future is in your hands, when you realize you can see it for what it is and control the emotions that want to take you back.

I never had any depression or anxiety before I quit. I've always been a happy guy.

But in those tough days it was suggested by a friend that I might want to take a mild anti depressant.

I'm thinking smoking for me was self medicating but not just physically, it was dibilitating to let that go.

So I get it.

We all must go through it and it takes time.

One more thing, if you've had depression or anxiety before you quit, your chemical imbalance was not necessarily caused by smoking but like me, perhaps you self medicated with smoking also.

I did get on a mild anti depressant and I got a quick acting RX for something to drop the anxiety before the adrenalin took over and I couldn't stop it.

After I moved, I told my new dr I felt I could get off the anti depressent and per her instructions. I did.

So ( this was the point of the blog) for those who have never had depression before you quit, these drugs are not a life sentence. Once you have adjusted to not smoking you can have a talk with yourself and decide you don't need them. It's your option.

You will find there are many things you will look at in a new and different way.

It's called LIVING and

The only way out is through.