What advantage is there to cutting down and counting out how many cigarettes you can have each day before you quit?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 19, 2016

I've never figured this out.

I know why people think they are accomplishing something but what about when you hit that wall and can't seem to cut down anymore?

That would really be upsetting to me. That would really be frustrating to me. That would make me think I couldn't quit. That would make me focus on smoking even more when I smoked my allotment for the day and the day was only half over. That would make the focus of my entire day about when and when I could not have a cigarette.

So where's the advantage?

Here's another way to apporach your quit without stressing yourself out.

I spent 4 weeks cutting down but I NEVER COUNTED. I NEVER DENIED MYSELF.

I never put myself under any kind of pressure about how many cigarettes I was having a day.

All I did was say to myself "I'm going to wait a little longer" when I had the urge to smoke.

Do you see the difference here? Here's a softer way to approach getting off auto and preparing to quit.

I went from a pack a day to a pack every 4 days in those 4 weeks and never once counted. NEVER ONCE had a negative thought about quitting. Didn't even set a quit date.

After 4 weeks, I had proven I didn't need to smoke just because the thought popped into my head and gotten myself off smokers autopilot. 

People who pressure themselves by counting put themselves in a bad place before they even quit.

You can do this if you think things through so you aren't overcome by illogical emotions.  :-)