The long and winding road

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 6, 2016

Did you have a magic day when you knew smoking was finished?
So many of us think quitting will never end when we begin. It does end, but, you have to let it happen.
I had my moment on day 126. I was driving to a job I had not been to since I had quit smoking. There was a straight away going up a long winding  road. It was the place I always lit up so I could have a last smoke before I pulled into that job. I reached for the pack that was always beside me going up that hill. The pack wasn't there and it made me laugh. I didn't think of going and buying a pack. I didn't long to be smoking.        I laughed because I knew it was over. My 40 years of friendship was done. That ghost pack was my messenger.
You can look for your moment but you won't know when it's coming, I didn't.
So, don't stress over it. Just give it the time it takes.