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An old lady was pulled over by a patrolman for speeding
When she rolled down her window the officer asked, Do you know you were going 90 in a 45 zone?
no I didn't officer.
can I have your driver's license?
They took it away two weeks ago for a DUI.
How about proof of insurance?
I stole this car and hacked up the owner and he's in the trunk.
The officer pulls his gun and backs away while calling for backup.
6 squad cars arrive and the captain says to the patrolman, I'll take it from here.
He walks up to the car and asks for the woman's license. She hands it to him.
Hmmmm everything seems to be in order but my patrolman says there's a body in the trunk.
Would you please walk back with me and open the trunk?
They do, she does.
The trunk is empty. He asks her why his patrolman would tell him such a thing and she says
that liar? he probably told you I was speeding too.

Let's narrow it down in the terminology department since that's the first area that we can narrow down.

Go to any page to see a picture you want to post. If you search for images by topic such as on google? you cannot get the code from the thumbnails page. You actually have to open the image.You can do that by right clicking on the thumbnail and then choosing open in a new tab or choosing open in a new page.

Hover over the image and right click on either "view image"  "copy image location" or "copy." If you choose view image, the code in the address bar will change. you have to copy and paste the address from the address bar to the site.

You do that by having your new blog page open. you can respond/comment with a picture on someone's blog in the same way.

just above the message portion of the blog (below the title if you are writing the blog) see those little symbols above where the text would be? B I U abc, etc?

Left click and open the one far right and it will open another window.

Paste  the address from the address bar of the page the picture was on or the image code if you chose copy address in the top line then click ok. The picture will show up in the message area. Then click publish. If it doesn't appear when you click ok, something went wrong.

If you want to post personal pictures you have to have a code. You can open a free photobucket account or upload them to your facebook page and then do do view image and copy the code from the address bar and do the same process as above.

This code only works on the blogs. If you want to post an image on someone's page, you have to get the HTML code. I do that from my photobucket account.

I drove 50 miles for an MRI today.

When they said I needed an MRI I did some research and measured my shoulders. 24"

I found there are two sizes of MRI's a 60cm =23.67" and a 70cm = 27".

I looked at the pictures of the MRI's and it appeared the wider bore was where I was going.

They called me Thursday night and  asked them and they said it was the narrow machine.

I told them my shoulders were wider than the machine.

They said, "come on in anyway and we'll see if you fit before we do anything else."

I drove 50 miles for an MRI today.

and it didn't look anything like this anyway.  :-)

Nancy said, "I couldn't stop smiling"

I found this artist yesterday and put up another of his songs last night called the good life.

Life is beautiful when we have opened our hearts and emotions instead of hiding them in smoking.

I used to love to go hiking

until I started smoking.

By the time I'd Quit Smoking,

I'd severed my foot and couldn't go hiking any longer.

Here's one for a 12 mninute crave.  :-)

and here's one for the minute and a half crave.


What were you told? What did you hear? Just what was it that grew your fear?

What did your parents tell you when you asked about someone who was smoking?

The problem with people talking negatively about quitting is they probably never took the time to learn what it takes to quit so they are very bad advisors. Don't listen to them.

 You have everything you need right here to quit successfully!

  I found out today I have an MRI coming up on the 28th.

They asked me if I was claustrophobic.

I had to think back 50 years to when I was on a bus with suitcases stacked 2 high in the aisle when you couldn't even stand up to stretch your legs for many hours.

I quickly solved that by asking everyone to have their luggage outside their hotel room doors 1 hour before we were to depart and from that point on, and for the next three months of our tour, I loaded 40 peoples luggage UNDER THE BUS INSTEAD OF IN THE AISLE by myself.

Never had claustrophobia again.

This is how I approach problems and solve them.

Look at the challenges of quitting as things that you can solve simply by changing your mind and doing things differently just for that moment

Doing research on MRI's, I found out that  the magnets the MRI ses must be kept at Absolute Zero to do their work properly.

Next time you get a craving you don't think you will get through?

Stick your head in the freezer and count backwards from 20. Cool Your Magnets And End Your Crave

How does an MRI scan work?

   An MRI scanner can be found in most hospitals and is an important tool to analyze body tissues.

An MRI scanner contains two powerful magnets, which represent the most critical part of the equipment.

The human body is largely made of water molecules, which are comprised of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. At the center of each atom lies an even smaller particle called a proton, which serves as a magnet and is sensitive to any magnetic field.

Normally the water molecules in our bodies are randomly arranged, but upon entering an MRI scanner, the first magnet causes the body's water molecules to align in one direction, either north or south.

The second magnetic field is then turned on and off in a series of quick pulses, causing each hydrogen atom to alter its alignment and then quickly switch back to its original relaxed state when switched off. The magnetic field is created by passing electricity through gradient coils, which also causes the coils to vibrate, resulting in a knocking sound inside the scanner.

Although the patient cannot feel these changes, the scanner can detect them and, in conjunction with a computer, can create a detailed cross-sectional image for the radiologist to interpret.

Have you had an MRI?  What was your experience?

I moved away for 40 years so none of the people I know here will remember me as a smoker.

They will never know why I was anxious for a conversation to end so I could go smoke.


What about you? Will a key memory people have of you be that you were a smoker?


Will your physical body be ruined by smoking to the point your loved ones must devote their lives and energy to take care of you because you smoked?


Quitting smoking isn't rocket science.


You learn about how to quit and then you unlearn it.


Someone sent me a message last night about the loss of someone who influenced them greatly.


We must experience life without smoking through these emotional crises to earn our freedom.


This is living. Good days and bad.

       If you use the gum, lozenge or ecig every time you would have smoked     
       you aren't breaking the mental cycle interconnected with the physical addiction.     
You can get stuck in the same reward cycle..   
We smoked to get a dopamine release. .  
you must find other ways to get those. 
We all know the unhealthy ones 

Some of the healthy ones that stimulate this release include exercise, sex, chocolate, music, a hobby that you enjoy. helping others, or volunteering..

the urge to smoke. let's break it down without the intended sales pitch.

         The ad for the patch claims the patch helps prevent the urge to smoke.       
         [I used the patch. I used it before I learned one thing about quitting smoking. I used it because of the advertising and the claims made. The second week I forgot to wear it two days in a row. and realized I didn't need it any longer.        
I didn't join a quit smoking website or learn anything about quitting smoking until after I had stopp         ed using the patch.]      
So what exactly is an urge?       
urge: A strong desire or impulse      
desire:        a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.    
       impulse:      a sudden strong and unreflective urge or desire to act..   
      compulsion:     an irresistible urge to behave in a certain way, especially against one's conscious wishes.  
     So I have to ask, do you believe the urge to smoke   driven more by nicotine or simply the repetitiveness of smoking? 
   I believe nicotine drives us to smoke while we are using it due to the physical addiction.
I believe the thought of smoking after someone has quit for a period of time comes from memories and emotions connected to the repetitiveness of our daily routine for the many years we smoked.
   If an urge is a thought. A nicotine patch will not stop anyone from thinking of smoking.
   So in actuality, the patch only helps with the physical addiction. The thinking of smoking must be unlearned.
   The repetition of smoking is unlearned by making new memories that don't include smoking or the motions of smoking.
   Time is what puts distance between you and smoking, but, you have to allow it.
   Common sense beats a manufacturers intent to sell their product if you simply take the time to analyze it.
   Once you break it down, there is no overthinking of some mystery that doesn't exist.
   There is no more "I used the patch, the lozenges, the gum, an ecig AND NOTHING WORKED FOR ME."
   Stop telling yourself you need to smoke. That is the real problem and solution of quitting successfully.

For me, it was getting my mind off of it.

The way I got through?

My third day I realized smoking was a choice and it made me laugh. From then on, when I got the urge to smoke, I laughed. After a week I automatically laughed first, not even thinking of smoking.

I joined a website two weeks after I quit smoking when I stopped using the patch.

Move your cup.

You put your coffee cup in a different place before you go to bed.

You can quit smoking the same way.

Change it up. Move your cup.

I Love You Mom.  :-)

Would you please quit smoking yourself to death?

no one under 18

all manufacturers must register with the FDA and submit all information on ingredients..

there was also a mention of vape shops mixing custom blends of e-juice too.

There was one provision I thought was odd. If they are used to quit smoking?

Did I read that right?

the thing that bother me most is all the 10 year olds that are now addicted to nicotine.



Posted by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 May 5, 2016

The governor of Cali-turn-ya just signed a law RAISING the age for smoking from 18 to 21!

The people who say if you can carry a weapon to defend our country you deserve to smoke are going to be very upset. (might those "people" be big tobacco?)

I lost my mom in 1999.

To this day I still have the memories/thoughts connected to what things my mom cooked prior to the 40 years I left home, 39 of those years my smoking years..

They are interconnected to the time of year, temperature, what produce is in season, the smells.

It's connected up there in our heads.

Those connections are many many times stronger than any memories of smoking.

You can simply let smoking go.

Smoking is just something you did along with living until you see it's control over you.

Unlearn smoking. It's easier than you think.

Be Patient

Give it time. 

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