Yes it's true

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 30, 2016

I got a call two nights ago and I was down for the day and too tired to wake up and take it.

I emailed and texted a message back to them yesterday after listening to their voicemail.

They were so proud they had been off NICOTINE for 11 days.

This person was here in 2010 or 2011. If our pm's were organized by conversations with the same user in the order there were created, I wouldn't be going from memory..

As I recall they made 100 days but gave in and went back to smoking and just couldn't get a handle on another quit. I believe it was a self destructive unsupportive partner that kept them going back and forth.They finally quit with NRT's but couldn't get off them. They were on them for over 2+ years..I chrcked my email this morning and they said they went back to smoking to get off the NRT's, finally unlearned smoking and have been nicotine free for 11 days.

So why did it take so long?

They weren't willing to experience life without it.

from the person

"Each day an infinitesimal amount better and more clear-headed. More RELAXED, if that is possible. Cigarettes are liars. Nicotine is a liar. You “think” you are “better” in so many ways, but itʻs all a lie.
I was on NRT for two years. I couldnʻt get off! It was easier to start SMOKING to gt off NRT, and to then QUIT SMOKING. Who knew? Well, you did. You tried to tell me…"