Some days it's enough just to mix the flavors and not follow the recipe

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 23, 2016

Every day is not necessarily a perfect day.

I believe quitting smoking taught me that every idea and thought doesn't need to be fleshed out or completed by the end of the day for my life to be satisfying.


For me, accepting that, is the essence of being happy.


There will be down days whether you smoke or not. You may not like your situation in life, but, you can change your mind and change your situation. Quitting smoking will teach you how to change your view of things.


I wasn't much hungry for anything heavy tonight. Guacamole and chips sounded light but I only had the avocado and corn chips.


No Cilantro, no lemon, no tomato, no jalapeno so, instead of being disappointed, I scooped half an avocado onto a plate, sliced it both ways and mixed it with the chips in my mouth.


Tasted great. Satisfied me.


and, not following my usual recipe didn't make me want to smoke once. :-)


Enjoy the good days and work through the bad ones


A new day arrives with each morning sun.