Changing your thinking

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 12, 2016

I go out nearly every day with my buddy Steve for an early dinner (3pm) Early dinner because of my acid reflux.

We normally get food on the way to the beach and eat while we people watch and I take pictures of the sea and sky.

So yesterday, he says "you want to go to McD's?" and I say ok. We get to the drive thru and the menu board has changed so much that it's hard for me to see the selections so, I decide I'll eat when I get home.

He hasn't eaten all day so begins eating his hamburger as soon as he pulls away saying he needs to stop at the ATM to get cash for gas. So we get to the ATM about a mile away and he starts trying to finish the last 1/2 of his burger (like he was going to set a record) so he can go to the ATM and I say, "Are we in a hurry? Why don't you take your time." (he has COPD about as bad as you can get. never smoked) but once the food goes down the wrong way, it almost kills him) So he slows down and I sit and take pictures of the Hibiscus flowers through the windshield blooming right in front of us

You have to catch yourself and say, "why am I doing this?"  to begin changing the outcome.

This is particularly true when quitting smoking.

Get off autopilot and smell the flowers! (or take pictures of them)