W? or W?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 6, 2016

We've been brainwashed all these years being told willpower is the only way to quit. That implies that somehow, fighting to not smoke is the way to quit. This was the generally accepted view of quitting.

When manufacturers started coming up with pharmaceutical options like nicotine replacement and nicotine blockers, people interpreted that as an easy way out.

There was never any mention of willingness when it came to quitting smoking.

Willingness naturally follows a decision to quit. Once you've decided to quit, there is no good reason to be fighting with yourself.

So, you have a choice.

You can walk around with your teeth clenched constantly telling yourself you want to smoke but you can't


when you get that urge to smoke, you can say "Oh, that's that urge to smoke. I don't do that anymore."

The second option indicates acceptance and acceptance, indicates willingness.

Willpower will wear you out and take most back to smoking in time.

Willingness is you choosing the new direction.