will steamed broccoli aid or guarantee your quit success?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 2, 2016

What's between your ears is really what quitting successfully is about.

If you believe a drug is going to help you quit, it will but, what about when you stop using the drug?

Statistically, don't many go back to smoking after they stop using the aid?

Others stay on the drug for many years believing that if they go off the drug they will go back to smoking. I consider that transferring psychological as well as the physical dependence to the drug. it may possibly be better to keep them seperate to succeed at both aspects of quitting. .

If you want to use an aid, that's certainly fine but, do it wisely. Make a plan in the back of your mind that you will take control of your quit and phase out your dependency on the physical in conjunction with unlearning the psychological addiction.

It's what's between your ears. :-)